Customized Beauty Is the New Luxury

Have you ever flipped because your favorite makeup shade was suddenly discontinued? We’ve all been there. Now, thanks to a slew of new brands focused on customization, we no longer have to turn to eBay to get our hands on products that are just right. Or maybe you don’t know what the right shade is for your complexion. Technology — and our phones’ high-quality cameras — are making it easier than ever to find out. A growing number of brands are scanning your skin to recommend the products that will best suit your complexion or custom-matching shades based on your selfies.

It’s not all about function, however — it’s also about fashion. We can all get pretty much anything, anywhere, any time, but having items tailored to our preferences is a way to invest in items that feel special and unique and doing so in the beauty space is a heck of a lot more cost-effective than, say, haute couture. In other words, beauty customization is the new luxury.

Here’s a look at the standout brands that offer customized beauty.

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