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Communication Exercises for Couples: Easy Games to be a Better Lover

So many couples lack the basic skills for effective communication. But you can change that with these communication exercises for couples.

Once you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you think the hard part is all over. But finding the right partner isn’t as challenging as learning how to communicate with them. Learning these communication exercises for couples can help you navigate your way through the challenging moments.

When the masks come off

Everyone experiences butterflies in the beginning, but when those butterflies flutter away, you’re left facing the real person. For some people, they can’t handle it. They had a specific image of the person standing in front of them. And it’s just been crushed. But this is actually great news, because now you get to be with the actual person.

But learning about your partner’s flaws and tackling issues can be challenging. Your partner may not be overly communicative with their emotions. While they’re not doing this to spite you, it’s hard for you to handle. But this is why we have communication! [Read: 9 relationship stages all couples go through]

Must-know communication exercises for couples

Trust me, when I started dating my boyfriend, it wasn’t easy. I had to learn to communicate my emotions and recognize my mood swings. *I’m still in denial about that—it’s a process.*

You and your partner may be feeling stuck right now, but it’s time to get your love back on track with these helpful communication exercises for couples.

#1 You both have to be into it. Listen, you both need to recognize that you should improve in the communication category. It’s not a bad thing. Rather, you get a head start in fixing your issues and becoming stronger as a couple and as a person. But this means you both need to be into it. [Read: 10 big problems in any relationship and how to fix it]

#2 You may hear things you’re not going to like. When you’re playing communication games, you may find out things about your partner or be told things by your partner that you’re not going to like. It’s life. You’re not perfect and neither are they.

By doing these communication exercises, not only are you working on speaking with each other, but you’re learning more about your partner. [Read: These are the questions to ask your lover to learn everything you need to know]

#3 It’s not always verbal. You may think that some of the exercises I’m going to mention are based on talking, but most of our communication is non-verbal. And this is what many people forget. Communication is more than just words, communication can be exchanged through our entire bodies.

#4 Cuddle together. You may be thinking, great, we already cuddle but cuddling while watching Netflix isn’t the same thing. Cuddle time should be a reserved period of time before you go to sleep. No TV in the background, no one on their phones, instead, it’s just you and your partner holding each other.

You can listen to soft instrumental music in the background, caress each other, and talk. Try to do this between 20-30 minutes. [Read: What is pillow talk and how to use it to perfect your romance]

#5 Twenty questions. Everyone loves this game because this is where you get to ask those questions that you may have been hesitant to ask or couldn’t find the right time to do so. You and your partner need to make lists of questions you’d like to ask each other. They can be serious, silly, whatever. Then, you sit down and ask each other them. [Read: 20 best questions to ask in a relationship and understand each other]

#6 Stare-down. Okay, this is essentially a staring contest but with a slight twist. Sit in front of each other, staring into each other’s eyes. Try to focus on what you’re experiencing, what your body is feeling. Then start talking, you can say anything.

It’s usually very awkward in the beginning, but with time, you become more relaxed. This activity helps you increase comfort.

#7 The weekly roundup. We all have busy lives and spend more time communicating via text message than we do face-to-face. It’s easy to forget things or to miss out on important pieces of information.

So, at the end of the day, allocate 30 minutes to sitting down with your partner and talk about you/their day, how they/you are feeling about the relationship, etc. [Read: How to talk to your lover about your relationship]

#8 Soul gazing. I know this sounds a little cheesy but don’t pass this exercise just yet. Soul gazing is a great way to bring the attention on to each other rather than being distracted.

Sit across from one another with your knees touching. Hold eye contact between three to five minutes. Yes, you can blink, this isn’t a staring contest. It’s going to feel weird at first, but it gets easier. 

#9 The top three. This activity is based on recognizing and expressing the positive attributes of your partner and your relationship. Every day, before you go to bed, think of the three best things that your partner did that day. Then, share it with them. Of course, they need to do the same.

#10 Date night! Here’s the thing, it can’t be a date night where you’re going to be talking about work, children, or other issues. Instead, this date night is one of the communication exercises for couples that needs to be focused on you two. You can go swimming, try kayaking, or even rock climbing. It’s a great way to reconnect with your partner.

#11 In your partner’s shoes. If you want to try to understand how your partner processes information then try out this game. Get yourself Legos, paper and crayons or Play-Doh. Basically, something that you’re able to build.

The first person should draw or build something without telling the partner what it is. Then describe what you did. They need to then recreate when you’re describing to them. You’ll be surprised to see how they process information. [Read: How to show respect in a relationship and love each other better]

#12 You’re going to need to practice this. There will be moments where you’re going to rock with communication, but usually, once we see progress, we relax again. You can’t take your foot off the gas when it comes to communicating with your partner. Instead, be constantly aware of how you’re communicating with them.

[Read: How to forge an emotional connection with your partner]

Most relationships end because both partners lost the ability to communicate with each other. Instead, learn these communicate exercises for couples.

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