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Celebs who look unrecognizable with undone hair

Like many of us, Anne Hathaway has complicated feelings about her hair. In an interview with InStyle, the actress defined her relationship with her hair as “ongoing.” We hear that. She joked that her relationship with her hair is great… when it’s done professionally. And, well, we hear that too. In the past, Hathaway has debuted both long and short styles and knows the pros and cons to both. “I like having the versatility of long hair,” she revealed to the publication. “You can put it up, wear it down, anything in between.” With short hair, on the other hand, the actress said you’re “kind of locked into a look.” Still, she really enjoyed having a pixie. Growing that pixie out, though, was not a fun experience. “I mean, there’s no other way to put it: Growing out your hair kind of sucks,” she admitted.

Although we’re used to seeing Hathaway’s hair styled and super shiny, it’s not always that way. In a post she shared on InStyle‘s Instagram account, a very different-looking Hathaway shared her bedhead look and wrote that she needed to “steal a coffee and splurge on a hairbrush.”

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