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Art Naturals Essential Oil Diffuser

If you are in the market for essential oils, but you also know you want to use an oil diffuser, why not get a set with both? This is actually pretty uncommon, forcing you to buy each thing individually. It gets even more complicated when essential oils come in small packages of just 4 or 5 scents together.

That is where the Art Naturals Essential Oil Diffuser Set comes in. This includes both the diffuser and a nice set of oils for you to get started with.

About the Art Naturals Essential Oil Diffuser Set

This set is going to provide you with a high-quality essential oil diffuser by Art Naturals, along with a big set of essential oils.

The diffuser is a standard size, holding up to 100ml of oils. It is one of the newer models with ultrasonic technology that doesn’t create heat in your home, so it can be used in the dead of summer and you won’t feel any heat coming off it. It is also nearly completely silent, so it is good when you are using it to relax. There is LED lighting in the oil diffuser and auto shut-off, a really fantastic feature.

Along with the diffuser, you also get a set of 16 bottles of oils. It is 8 different types of oils, with 2 bottles from each so you have plenty to work from. The oils include lavender, lemongrass, tea tree, peppermint, rosemary, orange, frankincense, and eucalyptus.

These are all 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

How to Use This Essential Oil Diffuser and Oil Set

The great thing about this set is that you can use the oils in the diffuser, or save some of them for topical application. As always, make sure you dilute the pure oils with a carrier oil. However, if you are going to use them with the diffuser, it is simple to do and doesn’t require any extra ingredients.

Just add as many drops as you want to the diffuser, turn it on, and turn the setting to where you want it. Soon you will see the LED lights changing colors and will feel and smell the cool mist coming off the diffuser with the oils you added. You can add just one scent at a time, or combine a few different ones to create your own custom blend.

This is a high-quality diffuser with pure essential oils, making it a great deal for anyone who wants to start using oils in their life.

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