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5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

While having a more simplified life can be somewhat subjective, it is often about making things easier on yourself. This might be organizing more and decluttering, adjusting your daily routines to be more simple, or spending a little more time preparing so your life is less chaotic.

Take a look at these 5 ways to simplify your life.

1. Look Into Your Current Habits and Routines

Before you can simplify your life, you need to figure out where it is a little chaotic or stressful. The easiest way to do this is by taking inventory of your daily habits and routines. Even if you don’t have a routine you see on social media doesn’t mean you don’t have. All of the choices you make each day, from what time you wake up to when you choose to eat a meal or read a book are part of your routine.

Take a few days to write down anything you notice in your routine. This includes hygiene habits, sleeping habits, trends with when you procrastinate, what causes stress, what relaxes you, habits that are working for you, and habits that aren’t. Get as much info as you can so that you can figure out what you want to improve.

2. Plan More to Help Simplify

While it might seem counterproductive, doing a little planning actually saves you time and makes things easier for you, not harder. It can seem overwhelming in the beginning, which is why it is good to start with just one thing at a time.

For example, you can start preparing your lunch the night before, so that it is ready to grab and go in the morning as you run out the door. It takes only a few extra minutes in the evening to prepare it, and it is simplifying your hectic morning by not having to do it last minute.

3. Declutter Your Spaces

Make a habit of decluttering all your living and work spaces often. The less clutter you see with your eyes, the less clutter is in your head. If you do this for just a few minutes a day, you will keep these areas from getting too messy, and it really simplifies the cleaning routines you choose to implement.

4. Set Healthy Boundaries

Yes, this matters when it comes to simplifying your life! If you don’t have healthy boundaries with people, they will put a lot of expectations and demands on you. The more they do this and the more you say yes no matter what, the more stressful your life can become. You stretch yourself too thin and start falling behind on your own responsibilities.

5. Focus on One Task at a Time

Stop multi-tasking! This is not helping you in the grand scheme of things. If you want to simplify your life and make it less stressful, you need to tackle tasks one at a time. This helps you to focus more on them and get things done, as opposed to your mind always being on a million things at once.

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