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36+ Fun Home Baking Projects!

Discover 36+ at-home baking projects and recipes below. I include easy no-chill cookie recipes, kid-friendly recipes, recipes using pantry staples, FUN and challenging recipes, homemade versions of store-bought favorites, and joyful from-scratch recipes.

I think we all need a list like this whether that’s right now, on summer break, holiday breaks, long weekends, or whenever you have some extra time at home.

But now more than ever, we need the comfort of baking. My hope during these uneasy times (and any uneasy times you ever face, really) is to spread joy on my platforms the best I know how: with well-tested, approachable, cheerful, and colorful from-scratch baking recipes.

Thank you so much for being here and spreading the baking joy with me!

Baking Projects – With Yeast

The following 4 recipes include homemade breads you didn’t think you could make… but are TOTALLY capable of doing. Each includes a video tutorial and in-depth baking instructions to guide you along. 

More Baking Projects With Yeast

The following 4 recipes include homemade versions of favorites and each are fun for older children to help with. Each recipe has glowing reviews from readers who note that the recipes are MUCH easier than they ever imagined. (The bagels especially!)

More Yeast Bread recipes.

Baking Projects – No Yeast

The following 4 recipes include sugar cookies you can have fun decorating, apples filled with apple pie filling (made from pantry staples!) and topped with homemade pie crust, dog treats for the pups, and spring-inspired decorated cupcakes using Wilton 1M piping tip.

Challenge Yourself!

The following 4 recipes are perfect baking projects if you’re looking to spend time on a creative and fun challenge. Each include recipe videos to help guarantee success. Invite a friend over or spend time with family making one (or all 4!). You can use the gorgeous braided pie crust on top of apple pie.

Basic Ingredients – Dessert

The following 4 recipes are made with ordinary ingredients like crackers, butter, eggs, chocolate chips, brown sugar, apples. It’s a random grouping, but the recipes aren’t only convenient– they’re FUN to make.

Basic Ingredients – Breakfast

The following 4 recipes also use basic ingredients and are perfect for a leisurely morning at home. By the way, you can use store-bought pie crust for the pop tarts.

Homemade Versions of Favorites!

The following 5 recipes are my definition of Awesome Baking Projects. Each are homemade versions of bakery or store-bought classics and make for a fun morning, afternoon, or evening at home.


The following 8 recipes are perfect for little kitchen helpers. If kids are home from school, baking is a fun activity that everyone can enjoy. Not only is it time spent together, baking teaches how to follow instructions, ignites creativity, and always brings smiles.

More Kid-Friendly

No Chill Cookie Recipes

Instant results! The following 4 recipes do not require cookie dough chilling.

More No-Chill Cookies recipes.

8 Ingredients or Less

I have an entire page dedicated to recipes with 8 or less ingredients, even some as low as 5 ingredients or less. I include dinners, desserts, breakfast, and snacks. Most of these use basic everyday ingredients, too!

I can’t wait to hear which recipes you try! ♥

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