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30 Revealing Best Friend Questions that’ll Make You Two a Lot Closer

There are probably best friend questions you’ve always wanted to ask but were too shy to do so. Here are 30 questions you should be asking.

Even though you and your friend are BFFs, there may be things you still haven’t shared or asked each other. Maybe you’re too shy or worried about what they’ll think, but if you don’t ask, you will never know. There’s nothing wrong with asking funny or awkward best friend questions to learn more about each other. If anything, it helps you become even better friends.

They are your best friend. They’ve seen you at your best and at your… well, not so best. Yet, through it all, they stuck by you. My friends have seen me sobbing after breakups and a little too tipsy on the dance floor—yet, we’re still friends to this day. Now that’s some solid friendship if you ask me. [Read: The qualities that set a good friend apart from the rest of the pack]

30 best friend questions that’ll reveal it all

So, if you want to develop a strong friendship, it’s time to get deep. Real deep. We all want to have an open and honest relationship with the people around us. Even though you think you know everything about your best friend, do you really? Good question, right?

There are some things I really didn’t know about my best friends until I took the time to ask them. There’s no point wasting time and coming up with assumptions to the questions you have in your head. So, let’s get going! It’s time you knew the 30 questions to ask your best friend.

#1 What’s your dream job. We all have a dream job. But do you know what your BFF’s is? News anchor? Restaurant owner? Dog rescuer? [Read: 30 questions to ask to grow a deeper connection]

#2 Is there a smell that makes you think of me? Let’s just hope they don’t say shit or dirty socks!

#3 What are three things we 100% agree on? You’re not always going to like the opinion of your BFF, but then there are things that you both definitely agree on. [Read: 5 unique traits that make a person trustworthy]

#4 What’s your favorite memory of us? There’s always one memory that your BFF holds close to their hearts.

#5 When was a time you were really disappointed in me? It’s a hard question to ask and even harder to hear the answer.

#6 Describe me in three words. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something out about yourself.

#7 What will we do when we get old? This always brings laughs, thinking about when you two will be old.

#8 Would we be friends if we met earlier? What do you guys think? Would you? Five years ago, you may have been a completely different person before you met them.

#9 What’s the worst date I’ve been on? Oh, they know this because you wouldn’t stop talking about it.

#10 Why do we get along so well? There’s something that connects you, what is it? Every pair of best friends has something that brings them closer together.

#11 Who was my big crush growing up? Oh, time for embarrassing memories to come up! We all had embarrassing crushes back in the day.

#12 What’s your biggest fear? What’s their biggest fear? We’re all scared of something, might as well share this with your best friend. [Read: 18 ways to build lasting friendships]

#13 Who last made you cry? You’ll probably want to go smack that person in the face.

#14 Do you have any regrets? There may be something they’ve been dying to talk about. Why not share this with your best friend?

#15 Do you want to have kids? It may sound so far away, but the future hits you fast. Maybe your best friend isn’t interested in having a family in the future.

#16 What do you think about aliens? Do they exist? What do they look like? Your BFF probably has a couple of thoughts on it. [Read: 25 personal questions to ask your best friend and bond like a real BFF]

#17 You have $10,000–what would you do with it? Are they going to spend it all? Save it? What would they do with all that cash?

#18 What’s your earliest memory? It’s hard to think about, but everyone remembers their first memory, no matter how big or small.

#19 What do you think about soulmates? Do they believe in soulmates? Are you two soulmates? [Read: What are twin souls? Have you found yours?]

#20 What’s your favorite holiday? Everyone has a favorite. Christmas? Thanksgiving? Easter? You can only pick one!

#21 What animal would you be if you could choose? Bunny? Dog? Fish? It’s a silly question, but the funny thing is we’ve all thought about it.

#22 What are your top three pet peeves? We can all be annoyed by small things. The way someone chews their food or coughing without covering their mouths. What are their peeves?

#23 What’s your ideal vacation? They probably have one place that they’ve been dying to explore. Maybe you can make it a reality.

#24 Are you a lucky person? Do things always happen to work out in their favor? Would they consider themselves lucky?

#25 What’s your biggest flaw? It’s a hard question to answer! No one wants to think about their flaws, but your best friend will be open and honest with you. [Read: Do you really know your friend? 20 fun questions to ask a friend]

#26 What foreign language do you want to learn? Is there a language they’re curious about? Do you share the same passion for languages?

#27 What era would you live in if you could choose? The rockin’ 80’s? The classic 50’s? The Medieval era? What era would they love to explore if they could?

#28 Are you a dog or cat person? There’s always one that we like over the other. And they have to pick one! [Read: Why millennials are choosing fur babies over children]

#29 What book changed you? Have they read a book which really changed their outlook on life? Which book was it?

#30 If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? They better not say pizza. No one can eat pizza for the rest of their life… right?

[Read: The code you must follow to be a great friend]

Asking these best friend questions will not only bring you closer, but it helps you understand each other better. Make a fun night out of it with snacks, movies, and the perfect BFF questions.

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