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22 Cute Nicknames for Your Boyfriend He’ll Actually Like Hearing

You’re deep in love but aren’t quite sure what cute nicknames for your boyfriend are best. Well, it’s time to pick out the perfect one. Check out my list!

Oh man, when I first was dating my boyfriend, I was horrible with nicknames. I basically disgusted all of my friends with my mushiness. It was to the point where it was just stupid. I was obsessed with calling him names like monkey and baby… but I’m still talking to him like that. I can’t help it! Leave me alone! I needed this list of cute nicknames for your boyfriend like I’m providing for you!

And I know one thing, you can’t help it either, and it’s completely fine, you’re in love. But now, it’s time to come up with a nickname for your boyfriend, one that you both will fall in love with. [Read: What men would love to hear more often]

How to select the right kind of cute nicknames for your boyfriend

You may have a couple of nicknames that you have chosen in your head, but you can have a couple more up your sleeve, right? As I always say, you can never have too many nicknames for your love.

Man, I sound so cheesy. But whatever, we’re all here reading this article because we’re in love. So, let’s get started and show you some more cute nicknames for your boyfriend. But before that, here’s what you need to remember.

#1 Stay away from negativity. You’re not trying to make your boyfriend feel bad, you’re supposed to make them feel loved by giving them a nickname. So stay away from nicknames which focus on negative traits or things that bother you. [Read: How to show respect in a relationship for a deeper love]

#2 Don’t use the same name as your ex. Just don’t do it. Seriously. It’s going to take you back to thinking about your ex and that just isn’t going to go down well for you or your partner. [Read: How to be a good girlfriend to your guy] 

#3 You can use nicknames in other languages. If either of you speak another language, you can use nicknames from that language. It can be cute but also very sexy. 

#4 Make sure he likes the nickname. I mean, if he doesn’t like the nickname then it won’t be fun to call him that. You don’t like being called names that you don’t like, right?

The cutest nicknames for your boyfriend

It’s time to show love.

#1 Baby. This is a classic nickname, and I can’t just leave this one out. It’s short, it’s sweet, and it’s a mighty cute nickname for your boyfriend.

#2 Daddy. Well, this is definitely a name for a guy that you’re hot and heavy for. It’s a cheeky name and will certainly make your man smirk. You may get a playful smack on the butt when you call him that.

#3 Big Guy. If your man is strong and powerful, then you just have to call your man Big Guy. This name is totally meant for a man who’s like a giant teddy bear.

#4 My Man. This will certainly give him an ego boost. A man loves when he’s called “my man” by a woman that he loves. Yeah, he is your man and you’re proud of it. [Read: Twenty funny compliments your man will be dying to hear]

#5 Bubba. I don’t really know how to describe this nickname. There’s just something sweet about the word ‘bubba’ when you’re using it as a nickname.

#6 Boo. It’s what everyone is calling their significant other. Boo is short, it’s cute, and it’s trendy. If you like being the “cool couple” then call your man “boo” in public.

#7 Love. Sometimes the most classic of nicknames are the best ones to use. Do you love him? Is he your lover? Well, then why not just call him that then?

#8 Pickle. Pickles may be your favorite snack, and well, you just want to eat him up. You find him so attractive that you just can’t get enough of him. [Read: Cute things to tell your boyfriend to make him feel appreciated]

 #9 Hot Stuff. Well, what can you say? You think he’s just the hottest man ever, he’s one hot piece of meat. ‘Hot Stuff’ is a saucy name that’ll excite your partner in seconds.

#10 My King. Of course, this means that you’re his queen, don’t forget that. You need a strong man by your side and you definitely found one. He’s your rock.

#11 Monkey. He’s so goofy, and you can’t stop laughing whenever you’re around him. 

#12 Prince Charming. Maybe you’ve always had a crush on this guy, now he’s the one that’s in love with you. It’s crazy how things work out in life. When you were younger, he was your Prince Charming, and he still is to this day.

#13 Handsome. Well, if you want to really give him an ego boost then you should call him handsome. It gives him a sweet reminder that you still think he’s the sexiest man you’ve ever met. 

#14 Jelly Bean. If he loves candy or if you have a sweet tooth, then you both will love the nickname, Jelly Bean. It’s a warm and young nickname for a guy who’s always looking on the bright side of life.

#15 Pumpkin. Your man is just the sweetest guy that you’ve ever met. He brings out the best in you, and when you’re with him, he’s gleaming from happiness. He’s your pumpkin. [Read: 16 ways to show your real appreciation for someone you love]

#16 Love Bug. You couldn’t imagine a world without him. He’s your biggest love, something so sweet and pure to your heart. He’s your love bug.

#17 Teddy Bear. He’s a big guy and there’s nothing you love more than to cuddle on the couch and watch Netflix. He’s your teddy bear, and you can’t get enough of him.

#18 Chubby Bunny. Okay, if your boyfriend is insecure about his body then don’t use this name. But if he’s secure with himself then he’ll love being called ‘chubby bunny.’ It’s cheeky and sweet. [Read: 50 more cute things to call your guy that’ll create intimacy]

#19 Mr. Big. This doesn’t mean you’re Carrie. But this does mean that your man is someone that you just adore with all of your heart. Someone that’ll have your heart forever. 

#20 Stud Muffin. Well, he’s hot. There’s not much more I can say. Your man is hot as hell and even you can’t handle it. It’s time to buy a portable fan to cool yourself down. 

#21 Hun. This is a more traditional nickname, but it’s great if you’re not someone who’s really into PDA. Hun still shows affection but not on an extreme level of mush. [Read: 40 cute texts to make him smile and miss you more]

#22 Romeo. You may not remember any of Shakespeare’s poetry, but you remember every line your boyfriend uses on you. You love what he has to say, he’s your Romeo.  

[Read: Why we need nicknames in love and the art of picking a personal one]

Who doesn’t love being called a cute nickname by their partner? No one! Hopefully, you found some cute nicknames for your boyfriend on this list.

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