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21 Questions With… Celebrity Makeup Artist Sir John

Image: Courtesy of Ramona Rosales, Lifetime/ ©A+E Networks

Sir John has been Beyoncé’s go-to makeup artist for nearly a decade. Naomi Campbell, Joan Smalls, Karlie Kloss, Jourdan Dunn and Priyanka Chopra are just some of the other names he works with on a regular basis. Meanwhile, us laymen can snag his expert knowledge by catching him on Lifetime’s American Beauty Star, which is set to debut its second season early next year. Ahead of the premiere, we spoke with Sir John and asked him our quickfire questions.

  1. The first thing I do in the morning is… open all my drapes to let the light in.
  2. The last thing I googled was… where the local gym is in the city I’m visiting for work.
  3. If my days had one extra hour… I’d sleep.
  4. The best beauty advice I can give is… eat clean and stay hydrated.
  5. My desert island beauty product is… SPF.
  6. One thing I wish every woman knew about makeup is… all you need is to create one piece of punctuation, like a statement lip, wing liner or a great brow.
  7. When I’m stressed… I work out.
  8. When my self-confidence has taken a hit… I call my mom.
  9. My guilty pleasure is… an herbal refreshment.
  10. My most memorable career highlight was… being awarded Makeup Artist of the Year at the InStyle Awards honored with Tom Ford and Priyanka Chopra.
  11. For great skin… sweat equals detox (spin, run, sex, jump rope).
  12. The most surprising thing about being on TV is… having other people write what you have to say.
  13. If you looked at my desktop you’d see… a Diptyque Paris rose candle, a large Mac monitor and my grandmother’s jewelry box.
  14. The beauty product my celebrity clients swear by is… me!
  15. I’m dying to splurge on… a home.
  16. A career achievement I’m dying to still achieve is… creating brands.
  17. My favorite place to shop for beauty products is… Sephora or the beauty closet at InStyle.
  18. The best advice for looking great in a photo is… know your light.
  19. My most treasured possessions are… my Range Rover and my rings.
  20. The best tip for covering up a blemish is… use a water-based concealer. One that is not too oily.
  21. One thing I wish people knew about me is… how much I love to cook.

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