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20 Sweetest Cute Texts to Send Your Girlfriend & Truly Make Her Day

Lacking in the texting creativity department? Well, we have you covered. Here are some cute texts to send your girlfriend and make her day.

Not everyone is so “with the words.” You might know exactly what you want to say to make her feel good in your head but just cannot seem to get it out. That’s where I come in with the perfect cute texts to send your girlfriend.

We all love to receive cute texts throughout the day. Anything as small as “I’m thinking of you” to as big as a love poem will put a smile on your girlfriend’s face.

Things NOT to send your girlfriend

Yes, I am going to give you plenty of cute texts to send your girlfriend. But before we get to that, let me clue you in on some things you definitely should not send to her.

You might think it is cute or sweet or sexy, but trust me, it isn’t. There are some things that girls don’t like and other things girls hate. These are the ones to avoid.

#1 Your privates. Proud of your junk? Good for you. But no girl, no matter how much she may be into you or even in love with you, needs your thingy popping up on her screen. Let’s start with she could be with her parents, her boss, her grandmother.

Also, that is just not really something girls need to see to be turned on or excited. And even if your girl does like it, do NOT send any private photos unsolicited. That is not a good surprise. Sorry, it just isn’t. In fact, it could turn her off. So just avoid it altogether. [Read: Sexy tips to be an effortless sexting partner]

#2 Sorry. You can’t text sorry? No, at least not on its own. If you are trying to apologize to your girlfriend for something minor or something major, the word sorry does not mean much. First off, a decent apology should take place in person or at the very least on the phone.

If you have no choice but to apologize via text, elaborate a touch more. Explain why you’re sorry, what you’re sorry for, and how you’ll work to make sure it won’t happen again. [Read: Sweet ways to say a genuine sorry]

#3 Emojis. Yes, emojis are all fine and well when used in moderation. But trying to have a conversation with just little yellow emoji people will not cut it. If she sends you an “I love you” and you reply with an emoji rather than an actual response, it’s like someone saying, “have a nice day” and you reply “yea.”

Keep the emoji use to a minimum. Don’t use them in place of actual words, just in addition to when the moment calls for it.

#4 Too many texts. The difference between a sweet guy and a smothering guy is that a sweet guy knows when to take a hint. A smothering guy will continue to text until he gets a response. If you texted her something like “how’s your day?” and she has yet to answer just let it be. She is probably busy.

Trying to send her something cute is one thing. Going overboard with “I miss you,” “I hope I’m not bothering you,” and more like that is going to push her away more than impress her. You can be sweet by sending cute texts to your girlfriend, just don’t push it. Less is more. [Read: How to stop being clingy so your girl won’t leave you]

#5 Intensity. Texting should not be where you have super intense conversations. Do not tell her you love her for the first time via a text. Texting is to keep in touch, make plans, send memes, etc.

Keep it light though. There is no need to overload a text with insane amounts of emotion. Save those moments for handwritten love notes and really knock out the romance. [Read: The right ways to say the first “I love you” in your relationship]

Cute texts to send your girlfriend

Now that you know where we draw the line when it comes to understanding the right kind of cute texts to send your girlfriend, you can start learning which cute texts to send your girlfriend that will have the best response.

They range from simple to charming to elaborate. Even with my help, you will still have to figure out when the time is right for a specific one. Use your intuition and preference to pick and choose. But whatever you do, these cute texts should make your girlfriend smile.

#1 Good morning, sleeping beauty. Yes, this is simple but effective. Every girl likes a simple good morning text. It shows that you were thinking about her as soon as you woke up.

Adding a cute nickname or pet name in boosts it up a bit too. [Read: Good morning texts to start their day off with a smile]

#2 I haven’t stopped thinking about you since last night/this morning. This is good for if the relationship is new or if you’ve been together for years. Whether you had a date last night or left her place this morning, letting her know she is on your mind is always nice to hear.

#3 This made me think of you… Sending a funny meme, a random magazine you saw in the store, or even a cute dog on the subway shows that you were not just thinking of her, but that you wanted to send her something that would put a smile on her face.

Think back to the last time she tagged you in a funny meme. It is nice to know someone knows you and gets you.

#4 I can’t wait to be with you again. Whether you are seeing your girlfriend tonight or in a week, letting her know how much you are looking forward to it will make her glad. I’m sure she is anxious to see you as well.

You may think these things are obvious, but they aren’t always. When you stop saying these things, people get worried. [Read: 15 sweet gestures to show love and express yourself clearly]

#5 I am so lucky that I get to call you my girlfriend. How did I get so lucky? Yes, it may not be about luck per se, but this shows your appreciation for her.

Your girlfriend will love hearing that you know she is special and you aren’t settling. You feel lucky to be with her.

#6 You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You don’t have to go into a whole monologue about how your entire life flipped upside down when you met her. But a cute text to send your girlfriend is letting her know that she makes you want to be a better person, and you are grateful she came into your life when she did.

#7 I always smile when I’m talking to you. I once told a boyfriend that my friend kept asking me who I was texting because I couldn’t stop smiling. I didn’t even realize I was.

Letting her know that just having your attention via text makes you smile will make her smile too.

#8 I wish I was waking up next to you. Whether you send this in the middle of the night or upon rising, it will be wonderful for her to wake up knowing you are feeling the same way she is.

#9 Forget coffee. All I need is to see your smile and I can start my day. With a cute text like this, you may even get a selfie out of it. Letting her know that looking at her jolts your day will be so sweet. Especially if she understands the impact of coffee.

#10 I can’t believe it’s been *amount of time you’ve been together*. The time is flying because I am so happy with you. Not only are you letting her know you know how long you’ve been together, but you are telling her that you have never been happier.

A cute text that implies how happy you are to be so happy with her will make her day. [Read: The 10 important traits of a good boyfriend]

#11 I have a surprise for you. Whether you bought her her favorite candy or have an elaborate date night planned, perking her ears to this will get her excited. Now she will have something to look forward to all day long.

#12 I love the way you… Snort when you laugh, play with your hair, play with the cats, etc. Instead of just saying you love her, tell her something you love. A quirk or something unique to her will tell her that you truly are paying attention.

#13 I don’t mind being tired tomorrow if it means I get to talk to you right now. Having a late night chat? Maybe you need to be up early? Let her know that you’re willing to be tired and miss out on sleep just to have a few more minutes to talk to her.

#14 I’ve always imagined the girl I would end up with, but now that I met you, you are so much better than I ever could have imagined. This is probably the truth, well, hopefully. Don’t send any of these if they aren’t.

But, we all imagine that someone we will end up with and usually the person we end up with is absolutely nothing like that, but so much better. So remind her that she far outweighed any expectations you could have had. [Read: Really sweet ways to show a girl how much you love her]

#15 Quote a movie, book, song, etc. My personal favorite is, ”How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” – A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh. But pick through some of your favorites and use one that applies to your current situation.

Is she going on a business trip? Is she having a rough time? Are you celebrating?

#16 The only thing that could make this day more beautiful would be if I were spending it with you. I know, it isn’t all that original, but it’s classic. We all talk about the weather, even with those we are closest to in the world. It’s a human phenomenon, the weather is always on our minds.

So next time it is a beautiful day, let her know that she could make it even better.

#17 I was just bragging about you to my friends. We all like to know our partner is saying good things about us to their friends. So let her know next time the guys are talking and you rave about her. Maybe it is her cooking, her understanding, or her sense of humor.

But cluing her into that fact will let her know that you are not at all ashamed of her, rather you like other people to know how lucky you are.

#18 I’d send you flowers, but next to your beauty they just couldn’t compare. This goes even better if you do send flowers and say “I know you love flowers, but compared to your beauty, well there is no comparison.”

#19 Knowing I get to see you tonight is what is getting me through this day/boring meeting. Chances are, she is looking forward to seeing you just as much. So, if she doesn’t text you something cute like this, do it yourself. [Read: 80 utterly romantic things to say to your girlfriend over a text]

#20 I just wanted to say I love you and have a great day. Again this is simple but effective. Yes, creativity and things that are unique to your own relationship are wonderful. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sending cute texts to your girlfriend that are classics.

[Read: These romantic text messages will make your girl melt]

These are all the sweetest cute texts to send your girlfriend to make her day and earn yourself some boyfriend points. Go forth and flatter.

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