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20 Signs of Being in Love <3

One of the most highly researched things in the field of psychology is why and how people fall in love. Although certain theories exist that explain aspects of falling or being in love, the entire process is still a mystery. If you are searching for the signs of being in love, they aren’t always as clear-cut as you would think.

20 unmistakable signs of being in love

We all watched the same fairytales, sitcoms, and romcoms growing up. And, unfortunately, they have done love no favors. No relationship is perfect, and no two love relationships are the same.

What feels like love to one person might be interpreted completely different by someone else. Also, the way people express love is not only different between the sexes, but across different personality styles.

So… is there a way to know for sure if someone is in love? Certainly not. There are, however, universal feelings and emotions that someone who is in love will feel for someone else.

If you feel these things or notice them in the person you are with; then it just might be the signs of being in love.

#1 You are concerned about their safety. When you love someone, you care greatly about their safety and health. If you get worried about them and want to care for them when they are sick, even if they are gross, smelly, and vomiting everywhere, it is a sign of being in love.

#2 Their needs come before yours. When you love someone, you put their needs in front of your own. If something is important to them, you let them have it and step aside to put their needs first.

#3 You are willing not just to compromise, but to sacrifice when it is necessary. Being in love with someone makes you capable of compromising to find a resolution that makes you both happy. When compromise isn’t possible, you sacrifice if you know it is important to them.

#4 You long for them when they aren’t around. If you find yourself longing for them when they aren’t around, that is one of the signs of being in love. Different than just lust, you don’t just want to have sex with them.

You also want to hang out with them, talk to them, and just be near them. Something more than physical, you desire to connect with them.

#5 When they feel something, you feel it too. One of the signs of being in love is when you feel for someone else. More than just empathy when your partner is hurt, sad, or frustrated, you literally feel like it is happening to you. Only sometimes it is even worse because you can’t take action to fix things. You just sit and hurt with them, not able to solve it.

#6 You want nothing more than their happiness. Happy wife, happy life isn’t just a saying for guys. It goes both ways *it is just that husband and happy don’t rhyme*. When you are in love with someone, you want nothing more than for them to feel fulfilled and happy. Their happiness greatly affects your own.

#7 You care what they think of you, like really care. When you are in love with someone, you care greatly what they think of you. It isn’t just about what you look like, you care about what they think of you as a person. You want them to think highly of you and respect you. You don’t want to disappoint the other person you love or have them think less of you.

#8 They have the ability to hurt you more than anyone else. If someone has the ability to take you down with the slightest bit of criticism or behavior that shows disrespect or displeasure with you, that is a sign of being in love.

When you love someone, the hardest part is that they have the power to wound you like no one else.

#9 You have the propensity to feel intense emotions. If they have an uncanny ability to bring out intense emotions in you that you didn’t even know were there, then you are probably in love. It isn’t just that you think they are the best thing ever, they also have this ability to make you so mad you just want to jump out of your skin.

The point is, you care so much about them that they bring you to extreme highs and lows with the change of the wind.

#10 You find yourself jealous like never before. If you aren’t a jealous person, but you suddenly find yourself seeing the little green monster pop up. Maybe in the past you just never thought you had that much to lose. Now that you are in love, you are scared to lose it.

#11 When you think of your future, you can’t imagine it doesn’t include them. Every thought you have about what comes next includes them, and you picture a future together. That likely means you’ve found yourself in love.

#12 You are willing to put up with their family. If you not only agree to meet their family, but put up with the criticism, scrutiny, or their huge idiosyncrasies, then you are probably on the track to true love.

That is why they say when you marry you marry someone’s family. If you envision yourself putting up with their extended relatives forever, then you are definitely a victim of cupid’s arrow.

#13 You think about what your children would look like. You think about what type of children you will have, how many, or what type of car you will purchase to cart them around in. Even considering making the commitment to procreate with someone is a huge step, and it probably means you are in love.

#14 They make things better just by being close. If they don’t have to say anything, but they just give you a “look” that makes everything better, that is a sign of love.

When you are in love with someone you might not complete each other’s sentences, but they do have a keen awareness you need them and they need you. It only takes one look from them to let you know that you aren’t in it alone anymore.

#15 When something good or bad happens, they are the first person you want to call. If something excellent or devastating happens, and the first person you want to pick up the phone to call is them, that is one of the signs of being in love. It means you have someone to rely on and to always have your back.

#16 You relish their accomplishments as much as you do your own. If you feel a sense of pride for the things they do, almost as much as you do the things you accomplish, then it is a team effort. And team is a four-letter word for LOVE.

#17 You find yourself trying to think of things to make their day better. Daydreaming about what would make another person’s day better is a huge sign you are in love. Your goal in life suddenly becomes to see their smile and genuine happiness.

#18 You feel comfortable being yourself, your true self. If you suddenly notice you don’t care so much about showing your disagreeable side, your fat jeans, or your ugly mean face, then you are okay with someone seeing the true you. Most likely that is because they have already found their way into your heart.

#19 You would step in front of a bullet if it came to it. When you love someone, you can’t imagine your life without them. That means you don’t want to be alive without them by your side. Love makes you do some pretty crazy things, like step in front of a bullet or put yourself in harm’s way to protect your love and keep them here with you at all costs.

#20 You would give up something super important if necessary. Love means ultimatums are granted. If you would give up just about anything for the person to stay with you, be at your side, and have peace in their life, then guess what? That is a major sign of love.

Although love is different at different stages of life, in every relationship, and for each individual, if you see the above twenty signs of being in love creep up, then you might just have to consider the fact that you are in love.

Love is the greatest feeling on earth, and if you treat it right, water it with the right care and concern, and hold it near your heart, it will grow and prosper for as long as the two of you shall live. If you are experiencing these signs of being in love, consider what action you want to take.


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