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20+ Beginner Dirty Talk Examples to Get Them in the Mood for Fun

If you’re not used to speaking naughty things during sex, you may need some dirty talk examples to get things going. These are sure to set the mood.

If there’s one thing that can heat things up in the bedroom, it’s good old fashion dirty talk. But knowing how to do this in a way that doesn’t ruin the mood or leave you both laughing on the floor isn’t easy. Thankfully, you can stock up on dirty talk examples to use while you figure it out.

How talking dirty can seriously help your sex life – and relationship

It’s not just making things sexier in bed. It can actually change your sex life and even your relationship if it’s something you’re both into. Believe it or not, many couples never engaged in dirty talk even though it’s something that turns them both on.

This is mostly out of fear. They don’t want to sound silly or make their partner feel uncomfortable. Really, they just don’t know how to do it and so they don’t. But they should.

Talking dirty to one another can make you both enjoy the sex better. You can also learn a lot about what your partner enjoys most and that’ll help you satisfy each other even better. And when your sex life is thriving, so is your relationship. [Read: How to spice up your sex life in 30 sexy ways]

Dirty talk examples so you sound like a pro in between the sheets

If you want to make your sex life better and wow your partner, you’ll need some examples just to get you started. Remember to keep your significant other’s preferences in mind and tailor these examples to fit what they like best.

#1 I want you to pin me against the wall and take me.

#2 I want you to go down on me until I tell you to stop.

#3 Don’t touch me again until I say you can.

#4 What do you want to do to me?

#5 Let’s play a game. I tell you where to touch me, and you do it.

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#6 Tell me what to do to you.

#7 I want you so bad. Here, feel.

#8 I need to feel you inside me.

#9 I need to be inside you.

#10 Nobody has ever made me feel the way you do.

#11 I only want to do one thing tonight. You.

#12 Tell me what you want me to wear tonight… if anything.

#13 I’m feeling very naughty today. I think you’ll have to punish me.

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#14 I get so weak just thinking about my naked skin against yours.

#15 Harder, baby. I want to cum together.

#16 I get so turned on by the thought of what we did in bed last time.

#17 I can’t get enough of you.

#18 Mmmm, I missed this.

#19 Remember that one time you made me cum harder than ever? Do it again.

#20 You feel so right.

Tips for being successful while dirty talking

You can’t just look your partner square in the eye and say some of these things without purpose. If you’re going to use these dirty talk examples, here’s how to use them right. [Read: 40 naughty and playful text to keep things hot and horny]

#1 Keep your voice low and sultry. Many people who forego talking dirty usually do so simply because they sound silly. They just can’t say stuff in a sexy way and with the stuff that’s said, it can get awkward if you don’t use a sexy voice.

The best way to rectify this issue is to just keep your voice low. If you think about the act of sex, it’s a very sultry, intimate thing. If you keep your voice just the same, you can make almost anything sound sexy.

#2 Whisper them in their ear. In order to avoid a bit of embarrassment if you’re new to this, just whisper these things in your partner’s ear. Get close, wrap yourself around them, and say something soft and slow.

Not only will the sensation feel great, but the words will spark something primal in them. Plus, you’re hiding your face so you’ll feel a bit more confident with your words. [Read: 10 sexy sweet nothings to whisper to your lover in bed]

#3 Send them as a text. You don’t have to dirty talk just in person, you know. Sexting is a real thing and it can easily be what your relationship is missing. Since anticipation is really powerful for your sex life, sending one of these dirty talk examples over the phone is a perfect way to get your point across. [Read: 30 hot, sexting examples to initiate a naughty sext marathon]

#4 Say them with a shy smile. If you just hone into your shyness, it could actually do you some good. Being coy and shy can be a really sexy thing for some people. It’s easy to do if you’re new to this and it can ease the tension you feel, too.

Look down slightly with your head but keep your eyes on your partner. Then, in a quiet, sexy voice, say one of these things with a small smile. They’ll think you’re sexy and cute all at once.

#5 Time them right. You can’t just spew dirtiness after dirtiness. The timing is almost more important than what you actually say. If your partner is talking or doing something and you try to say something, it’ll go unheard.

And you can’t just repeat yourself. That’s awkward and the moment goes away. So choose the right time. Make sure you’re both actually engaging in something sexy and wait for the opportunity. [Read: 30 lusty lines to drive your partner wild]

#6 Know what your significant other likes. It’s not enough to just say naughty things. You have to know what gets them going and what makes them the horniest. If you know they’re the type to like it from behind, then talk about how much you want them to do that. It’s all about playing up their desires.

#7 Practice by yourself. If you’re worried about sounding bad or awkward or uncomfortable, just practice by yourself. There’s nothing wrong with getting in front of a mirror and saying a few things until they feel good and comfortable rolling off your tongue.

#8 Remember what gets you warmed up. Dirty talking isn’t just for your significant other. It’s for you, too. Say things you want to and stuff that makes you feel good and confident. Think about what you find enticing and say those things.

What do you really want your partner to do to you? What’s a deep desire of yours you want them to fulfill? Think about it, and then voice those things in the bedroom. They’ll be a lot more turned on than you think.

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These dirty talk examples are just the tip of the iceberg. What’ll help you most is knowing what your significant other finds arousing and running with it. After some practice, you’ll be a dirty talking pro.

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