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15 Weird Questions to Ask a Guy to Show Off Your Fun & Goofy Side

When it comes to getting a guy, you want to show him you can get a little goofy. These weird questions to ask a guy will let him know how fun you are.

Some girls are way too serious around guys. They think they have to be perfect and so they structure their behavior in an overly proper way. The kicker? This doesn’t make them seem more appealing. In fact, it makes them seem stiff and boring. If you want a guy to like you, be fun and goofy by using these weird questions to ask a guy.

It’ll make you seem laid back and interesting. Both of those things are highly sought-after. Let a guy see that you can be just as weird as he is. Allow yourself to let loose so he can see the real you.

Pretending to be something you’re not is only hurting your love life

Wanting to make a great first impression is understandable. But compromising who you are as a person won’t help you find love. If anything, you’re only setting yourself further back. How?

Because if someone does end up falling for you and you’re not being yourself, they’re not falling for YOU at all. That’s why you have to show someone right away how goofy and weird you can be by asking questions. [Read: 14 steps to finally just be yourself]

Weird questions to ask a guy to show him your fun side

If you’re just cozying up to someone new, you’re in the perfect position to start asking him some weird questions. Here are a few things you can ask to show him how fun and carefree you can really be.

#1 What’s the grossest food you’ve ever eaten? We all have that one food that stands out in our minds. And usually, it comes with a pretty awful, but funny story. You can tell them about yours and get a really goofy conversation going. It’s definitely not a question he’d expect from you. [Read: 17 foods to avoid before having sex]

#2 What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? This is something he’ll be surprised to hear from you and it might make him think you’re weird. People don’t normally broadcast their stupidities. But it could be a really interesting conversation if you both share those stories.

#3 If you could be an apple or a banana, which would you choose? This might be an odd question but it’s also quite important. Plus, it’s a bit goofy and you’ll be able to show your more creative side. Tell him what you’d choose and allow him to pick one for himself. Don’t let him avoid answering!

#4 Would you rather eat only chocolate every day for the rest of your life or only potato chips? This is not only a very cute, silly question, it’s also one that’ll help you get to know him a little more. If he chooses chocolate, he’s clearly a sweets guy. If he likes chips, he must prefer saltier snacks. [Read: 10 sexy benefits of being a chocolate lover]

#5 Have you ever done anything embarrassing on purpose? Some people like to do embarrassing things just for the fun of it. Is he one of them? Find out by asking him this weird question. It’s not something people just go around asking so hearing it from you will definitely get his attention.

#6 When did the phrase, “looks can be deceiving” actually happen to you? This is a very odd question you almost never hear people asking. Make him tell you about a time when something wasn’t what it seemed. It’ll get an interesting conversation brewing and it’ll show him your silly side.

#7 What would you do if I pretended to trip and injure myself right here? Now, don’t actually injure yourself but ask this question. It’ll make him scrunch his nose a little bit and be a bit more curious about you. Plus, it’ll be fun for him to picture the scenario even if you don’t go through with it. [Read: 15 weird and fun things to do as a couple]

#8 How long is longest you’ve stayed awake for? He’ll probably wonder if you have some funny story about staying up super late. Get him talking about a time he stayed up all night. Those memories are usually good ones and he’ll be happy to associate you with that memory now.

#9 What was your favorite family activity when you were little? Not many of us think about what we loved to do most with our families when we were little. It could be something really ridiculous and goofy. He’ll be intrigued by your answer to this question, too.

#10 What was your favorite insult as a child? How often do you think about the insults you used to use? We all had crazy, weird things we used to call people when we got angry. Figure out his and then share yours. I’m sure you’ll both end up laughing at your less than intimidating insults. [Read: 33 creative insults to burn someone with sarcasm]

#11 What’s one thing you wish you never learned? I bet you can think of something right now. Growing up, you’re always learning new things and there’s always that one thing that makes you cringe and wish you never knew the truth behind it. It’s an odd question that’ll give him a good chuckle.

#12 If I was a guy do you think we’d be friends? Firstly, he’ll be intrigued simply because most girls don’t want the guys they’re into picturing them as a guy. Secondly, it’s a good question to ask to see if he likes you for your personality. It’ll make him laugh and you might have a weird, awkward moment between the two of you.

#13 What part of your body would you replace with a mechanical version? This could get dirty really quick and that’s what makes it so fun and weird. If he had a choice, which body part would he trade for a mechanical version? Making him think about this will get a smile out of him. [Read: 8 erogenous zones for men you have to be aware of]

#14 What movie trope irritates you the most? There are tons out there. This isn’t a question a lot of people ask so he’ll love that you do ask it. Plus, you’ll get to know him a little bit better. Just make sure to offer up your most hated trope first.

#15 What movie quote do you use the most? We all have that one movie we quote all the time. The weirdest part is, most people have no idea what we’re talking about when we use it. Share yours and see if he can guess it and vice versa.

[Read: 40 questions to ask a guy that’ll leave him crazy for you]

If you really want to show a guy your fun, interesting side, use these weird questions to ask a guy. He’ll be able to see your playful personality come out and that’s what’ll draw him in.

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