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15 Signs Someone Is Flirting with You & Not Just Being Friendly

How can you tell if someone is giving you the eye? It’s down to knowing the signs someone is flirting with you instead of misunderstanding it all!

Sometimes the line between flirting and friendliness can be blurry. If you want to avoid an awkward misunderstanding, it’s vital that you know the signs someone is flirting with you rather than just being a friendly soul!

Of course, every person on this planet of ours is different. Everyone flirts in a slightly different way. One person might find they automatically blush when you walk into the room. Another person might be completely different and act completely off-hand, while feeling anything but that inside.

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Look out for these signs someone is flirting with you

Despite our individual differences, the general signs someone is flirting with you are often the same. To help you avoid those awkward moments, let’s check out a few of the most common signs someone is flirting with you versus being a nice and friendly human being!

#1 They make lingering eye contact. If you like someone, you automatically make eye contact. This is because you just can’t take your eyes away from them. Occasionally you’ll lose yourself in the moment and look for a second longer than you should.

If you’re noticing someone is making eye contact with you in this way on a regular basis plus you can tick off a few other signs I’m going to mention, it’s a good nod towards flirtation. [Read: Prolonged eye contact flirting – What it means and how to do it]

#2 They glance your way often. When they’re not making eye contact, you might find someone glances your way often. In this case, you’re always catching their eye. They might look away shyly, like they’ve been caught in the act. This is one of the main signs someone is flirting with you!

#3 They fidget when they’re around you. Are they always nervous or fidgety around you? It could be because they’re crushing hard! Look out for them playing with their clothes. Perhaps tugging on their sleeve or messing with their earrings. This is a sign of general nervousness. We tend to show it when we’re around people we like in a romantic way. [Read: How to flirt by touch without making it obvious at all]

#4 They bite or lick their lips. The lips are considered to be quite sexual. So, if someone is drawing attention to them when they’re around you, it’s probably because they’re flirting! So, look out for licking of the lips, usually accompanied by eye contact or lip biting in a nervous or fidgety way. If this is happening, it’s one of the signs someone is flirting with you. Be sure to check for eye contact or glances too, just to be sure.

#5 They either give regular compliments or tease you. This could go either way. Someone who is flirting will either give you regular compliments or tease you and give occasional compliments. If the teasing is done in a lighthearted, joking way, accompanied with a smile, put it down to flirtation.

#6 They make excuses to touch you lightly. Gentle nudges, playful punches on the arm, slight stroking of the arm, these are all flirtation signs. If someone is doing this to you, possibly even without realizing it, it’s probably because they have feelings or urges that aren’t simply platonic! [Read: 15 obvious flirting signs between a guy and a girl]

#7 Their body language is open. If you’re around someone you don’t like or you’re nervous for another reason, you show closed body language. This means, your body language is defensive. If someone is mirroring your standing or sitting position, their general stance is open and relaxed, it’s possible that they feel comfortable around you. Along with other points on the list, this is a major sign someone is flirting with you.

#8 There is a visible reaction when they see you. Think back to times in the past when you’ve crushed hard on someone and they walked into the room. You probably reacted without even realizing it. Maybe your breath caught for a second, you blushed, you smiled, or your eyebrows shot up to your hairline. Look for small reactions whenever you walk into a room if you suspect someone is flirting. [Read: 12 subtle differences that separate friendly from flirting]

#9 They’re usually the first to like your social media posts. These days, flirtation isn’t just in person. In fact, some is done via social media. If there is one particular person who always likes your posts or someone who always likes them before anyone else, it’s possible they’re watching you out of admiration. Their attention is a form of digital flirtation. [Read: 9 signs that scream Instagram flirting and seduction]

#10 They laugh at all your jokes. Not everyone finds you funny, because nobody finds everyone funny. However, if someone is always laughing at your jokes, funny or not, it’s a form of subtle flirtation. They’re letting you know that they think you’re the most hilarious person to them.

#11 They play with their hair. Hair playing is a major sign of flirtation, especially when seen alongside smiles, eye contact, and other types of fidgeting. If someone plays with their hair, perhaps wrapping it around their finger when talking to you, it’s because they’re flirting with you! [Read: 15 subtle clues to know if your crush likes you back]

#12 Their general behavior changes when you’re around. You might not have the inside knowledge on this one, but if your friends tell you they know someone well and they act differently around you, it’s a sign. Maybe they act funnier, smarter, or more confident when you’re around. It’s something we all do automatically when someone we like is in the same room as us.

If you notice one sign, wait before making up your mind. However, if you notice three or more signs on this list, there is a high possibility that someone is crushing your way. Their behavior is a way of flirtation. [Read: 20 subconscious signs of attraction that show up between two people]

So, what do you do about it? Well, that depends on whether you like them back! If you do, cut them some slack and flirt back! There is nothing worse than flirting with someone you like, but you’re getting nothing back! If this happens, they might assume that you’re not interested and decide to move on to someone else.

Flirtation is subtle in many ways. But, if you know what to look out for, you’re more well informed. Everyone is different, that’s a truth. We make these moves without even realizing what we’re doing. It’s like these are our subconscious flirting impulses that were written into our DNA!

It’s interesting to think about the things we do when flirting with someone. Maybe you’re not aware of how you might be coming over to the other person or the things you’re doing. Take a few minutes to really think about it. Do you go all shy, glancing, then quickly looking away? Or, are you bolder and find it easy to hold their eye contact with a quirked eyebrow to let them know they’ve caught you in the act?

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Understanding the signs someone is flirting with you can help you avoid embarrassing situations. If you can easily nod your head to three or more signs on the list, there’s a chance that someone wants your romantic attention!

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