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15 Real Signs Your Relationship Is Over or On the Verge of Ending

Not all love stories are meant to last forever. That’s okay. But usually, you can see the signs your relationship is over. What do you need to do next?

When you enter a relationship, you’re usually not thinking about the day when you will go your separate ways. Everything’s going great, until one day… things start to slow down. Maybe you argue more often, or the connection is fading. And if you haven’t experienced this before, then you may not know what to do. Understanding the signs your relationship is over will give you clarity.

Maybe this is just a phase, or maybe it’s the end of the road for your relationship. That’s the tough part. When I was in my first serious relationship, deep down, I knew it had to end, but I did whatever I could to keep things going.

Of course, it worked for a short period of time, but eventually, it gives out. Usually, what makes us try to keep a relationship together is the fear of being alone. But that isn’t something you should worry about. [Read: Here’s how to be happy alone and why relationships are overrated]

15 troubling signs your relationship is over even if you’re not ready for it

If you’re not happy in your relationship, and you’ve tried everything, then maybe it’s time to consider throwing the towel in and calling it a day. If you’re struggling to accept whether or not the relationship is over, it’s time you look at the signs your relationship is over.

Once you see the signs, then you can’t avoid it. You know what’s going on and need to do something about it. So, let’s get started and show you the signs your relationship has come to an end. Remember, sometimes, good things come to an end.

#1 You feel it. We’re humans, not robots. But many of us try to suppress our feelings and ignore them when really those are the feelings you should pay attention to. If you feel your relationship has come to an end, then you’re probably right. You know your partner better than anyone, and you know yourself. So, why are you ignoring your intuition? [Read: Letting of of someone you love without the bitterness]

#2 You’re not a priority. One of the clearest signs your relationship is over is when you’re not important to them anymore. You were once a priority to your partner. If you needed anything, they would go out of their way to help you out. You were one of the most important people in their lives. That’s what being in a relationship is about. But things have changed. You’re no longer a priority anymore; you’re just someone they see to fill in time. 

#3 They’re using odd phrases. You would never hear them talk in metaphors, but now, they’ve suddenly become poets and are using weird phrases when talking about your relationship. If you hear, “maybe we’re not meant to be” or “ if you love someone let them go,” well, they’re subtly trying to let you know that this relationship will be coming to an end, they just don’t know how to go about it. [Read: Why something feels off in your relationship]

#4 They don’t ask about you. They used to ask you about your day or listen to the drama you had at work, but that’s all come to an end. It’s not that they’ve lost their memory and have forgotten you have a job or are going to school. They just don’t care anymore. Getting to know more about you isn’t what they’re interested in.

#5 The sex is less connected. When you had sex, there was connection and intimacy. And yes, you’re still having sex, but it’s less frequent, and it’s just not the same. It feels like you’re having sex with someone you don’t know, a complete stranger. If you’re feeling that, well, they’re feeling the same as you.

#6 They’re slowly pulling away. When you’re in an intimate relationship, you can sense this right away. You know exactly when someone is pulling away. Maybe they stop texting you so frequently or calling you cute nicknames. Though they probably think you don’t notice, you do. You’re just not calling it out because you know the consequences. [Read: 20 scenarios when breaking up with someone you love is okay]

#7 You’re being ghosted. Maybe they’re not fully ghosting you. But, they answer your texts or phone calls hours after your send or call them. When they do answer you, the messages aren’t very inspiring. They’re usually a couple of words and nothing more. Your partner doesn’t suggest to hang out. Instead, they just hope to fade out of the relationship.

#8 They feel far away. When you sit beside them, they don’t feel close to you. Instead, they’re thousands of miles away. Once you feel that emptiness and distance, it’s a sign that they’re no longer emotionally connected to you as they once were. Your conversations aren’t as deep, they’re not interested in what you have to say, and you feel loneliness when next to them.

#9 They love to argue with you. All of a sudden, they’ve become passionate arguers. This wasn’t the old them, but something they’ve developed. Your partner isn’t as patient as they used to be, and when they get the chance to show their frustration and anger, they show it. If someone wants to end a relationship but is struggling to do so, they’ll direct those negative emotions onto you. [Read: Why falling out of love and why it happens to all of us]

#10 You feel they’re going to dump you. I don’t know exactly how to describe the feeling, but there’s a heaviness in your stomach. You feel that they want to dump you; you’re constantly wondering when that’s going to happen. And if you feel that, well, then this is one of those pretty good signs your relationship is over already, something is going to happen, and you knew it all along.

#11 You’re emotionally suffering. Whether you’re next to them or not, your emotional health is suffering. You don’t feel good about the relationship; you’re constantly wondering where you stand with them, and whether or not they even want to be with you. Those aren’t positive feelings and signs of a healthy and loving relationship. [Read: Are you walking on egg shells in your love life?]

#12 You don’t trust your partner anymore. You used to have full trust in your partner, but things have changed. There’s something inside of you that’s telling you not to trust your partner. This instinct isn’t one you should ignore. If your body is telling you something isn’t right, that’s because it’s true.

#13 They don’t spend time with you. Listen, some people are just busy, and that’s one thing. But if all of a sudden, they’ve become so busy they can’t spend one minute of their time with you something is up. If your partner isn’t investing time into the relationship, ask yourself if they even want to be in the relationship.

#14 They don’t make any plans with you. Regardless of the season, your partner isn’t making any upcoming plans with you. Though you want to travel, your partner isn’t saying much, and that’s probably because they don’t want to make any plans with you. Who knows how long they think the relationship will last. [Read: 15 signs that say it’s time to say goodbye and walk away for good]

#15 You don’t see the future with them. Before, you could see your future with your partner, but when you picture yourself in five or ten years, they’re not in the picture. If you can’t see them in your future, that’s really not a good sign. Think about this relationship.

[Read: How to recognize the end of a relationship instantly  by reading the right signs]

After reading the signs your relationship is over, what do you think? Is your relationship close to its expiration date? If yes, it’s time to make a tough decision.

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