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14 Clever and Convenient Household Things to Masturbate With

Tired of using your hands for a good time? If you don’t have a toy at your disposal, don’t worry, there are plenty of household things to masturbate with.

When it comes to masturbating, we’re usually given two options: hands or sex toy. Do you ever wish there were other things to masturbate with?

Our hands never let us down—they’re always there when needed. But sometimes, the whole masturbating-with-our-hands routine gets a little dull. It’s normal to want to spice things. Plus, our hands can’t get deep into the good parts.

We also have toys. And toys are great, but not all of us have one of our own. Maybe you’re scared to buy a new toy because you don’t know which one to get, you live at home and are nervous about your parents finding it, or your toy inconveniently ran out of batteries *it happens*. Whatever your reason, it’s completely understandable. [Read: How to masturbate and experience pleasure in new ways]

14 household things to masturbate with

So, then what are your options? Well, don’t assume you’re stuck. There are plenty of things lying around your house that you can masturbate with. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “what things? I don’t feel like using a carrot.”

No one said to start experimenting with fruits. There are other items you don’t even realize that can be used to masturbate with. What are they? Well, you’re about to find out right now. Drum roll, please… here are lots of items around your home that you can masturbate with.

You don’t always need a sex toy to get the job done.

#1 Showerhead. If you’ve seen almost any chick flick, you’ll notice the showerhead being used as a masturbation tool. And, in reality, you can actually use it. If you’re looking for a clitoral vibrator, then a showerhead is your best option. Get yourself comfortable in the shower, turn the water on, and have a good time. [Read: How to make shower sex sizzle]

#2 Spatula. You can use it to make cake another day. Right now, you’re going to use it to masturbate. The spatula is a great tool to use during foreplay. If you’re getting yourself aroused, either alone or with a partner, take the spatula and spank yourself with it. You can use the other end as a dildo, just make sure it’s thick enough. [Read: Naughty tips for a sexy spanking]

#3 iPhone. Your iPhone does more than you think. Aside from social media and connecting you to friends and family, your iPhone can also act as a vibrator. The beauty of the iPhone is that you can create your own vibration. Now, it’s not great for clitoral stimulation, so, you may need to send in a complaint to Apple.

#4 Back massager. After giving yourself a back massage, why not use it as a vibrator. The beauty of the back massager is that it comes with a variety of different settings you can play around with. If you want a stronger setting, you just hit the switch, and you’ll be that much closer to reaching orgasm. [Read: 15 common household items that can be used sexually]

#5 Wii remote. Who thought your WII remote could be so magnificent. All this time you thought a Wii was time-consuming. Well, now you have a reason to love it! A Wii remote is a pretty good masturbation tool. It vibrates, which is a plus, but find a good game to play it on or else the vibrations can be a little weak. But if you have a PlayStation, well, then you’ll get to experience strong vibrations which may be your ticket to some solo fun.

#6 Electric toothbrush. Here we go. The electric toothbrush gets the job done. If you enjoy using vibrating dildos, then you’ll like the electric toothbrush. It gives off a strong vibration, and you’ll be able to insert it inside of you. [Read: The best homemade dildos that work perfectly for when the moment strikes]

#7 Ice cubes. Aside from masturbation, use ice cubes in many different ways when having sex. They’re pretty versatile. If it’s a hot summer day, use an ice cube to cool your genitals off. It’ll give them a tingling sensation that’ll get you in the mood.

#8 A pillow. Though a pillow doesn’t vibrate, it does do the trick when you need to grind against something. Plus, it can be used as a prop to help you reach orgasm. It’s soft, you’re not going to cut yourself, and all you need to do is grind against it. [Read: Pillow humping 101 for girls – how to do it right]

#9 Washing machine. You can use whatever you’d like when masturbating on top of the washing machine. Whether you use your hands, a sex toy, or one of these items on the list. Crank the machine on to spin cycle and take a seat. Let the machine do the rest of the work while you feel the vibrations going up your body. You can also give this a try if you’re with your partner as well.

#10 Bathtub faucet. The showerhead is definitely more practical and functional, but if you don’t have one, then a bathtub faucet can do the trick. For women, lay on their back with their legs against the wall as the water hits their clitoris. Just make sure the water isn’t too hot. You don’t want to explain this in the emergency room. [Read: How to finger yourself and feel ecstasy]

#11 Banana peel. If you have a male partner who’s into mutual masturbation, give this a try. For men, a banana peel can work wonders and make a pretty good replica fleshlight. And you were going to spend $200 on a fleshlight? I don’t think so! Just munch on a banana and use the peel. Cut the tip of the banana, making a small slit, and insert your penis inside. [Read: Mutual masturbation and 14 ways to connect intimately]

#12 A towel. If you’re trying out mutual masturbation, this is a great option for a male partner. Take a towel and place it in lukewarm water. Wring it out and use it to mimic the vagina during masturbation. Sure, it’s not the exact same thing as the vagina, but it’s a different sensation. 

#13 Immersion blender. Make sure you remove all the blades before using it. But once you do, you have yourself a pretty great dildo. The downside is you’ll need to plug it in before using it, that is if you want the vibrating sensation. Put a condom on it, turn it on, and you’re good to go. [Read: How to give yourself an orgasm: 15 sizzling hot tips]

#14 Hairbrush. Ah yes, the classic hairbrush. Don’t use the end with all the bristles. Instead, flip it around and use the head of it to masturbate with. If you want to use the bristles, you can run them across your body and feel the sensation go through your inner thighs and bum.

[Read: Try out some of these sexy solo sex positions]

Sometimes you want to switch up your masturbation routine. That’s great. Use some of these things to masturbate with the next time you want some solo fun.

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