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13 Spot-On Signs a Girl Has a Crush on You that Just Don’t Lie

You may like her, but what you need to know is if she likes you. Not sure how to figure it out? It’s time you knew the signs a girl has a crush on you.

I’m going to tell you the signs a girl has a crush on you, but that shouldn’t stop you from making a move. You should observe more than a couple of these signs to get a sense if she likes you or not, but every girl is different. She may like you but not show these signs. So, if you really want an answer, instead of looking at the signs, you should just go and talk to her about your feelings for her.

The worst thing she can say is that she doesn’t have feelings for you. Then, you know where you stand. But, I get it. Before that, you want to see what your odds are—I would do the same. [Read: Here’s how to tell if she’s hiding her feelings for you]

How to read the signs a girl has a crush on you

I have so many men telling me that they don’t know if a girl likes them or not. They’ll then spend the next ten minutes telling me how she acts or what she says to him. Most of the time, it’s obvious. The thing is, they’re not paying attention *or they are but don’t want to accept the answer*.

Now, if you have a crush on her, that’s great, but I also understand the added pressure you feel as well. You don’t want to be rejected, so you play it safe and wait for confirmation of how she feels about you. You just need to pay more attention to the signs a girl has a crush on you.

#1 She likes talking to you. Listen, there are times where we have to talk to guys that we’re not interested in. Sure, we chat and we’re polite, but we’re not really engaging in conversation. However, if she’s really into the conversation, asking you questions, giving her opinions on topics, etc., it shows that she finds you interesting. [Read: 12 signs she’s dying for you to notice her and make a move]

#2 She flirts with you. Flirting is all about building sexual tension between two people. If she’s actively flirting with you, it shows you that she’s sexually attracted to you. Now, this doesn’t mean you have full range to do whatever you want, rather this just shows you there’s room for sexual chemistry. So, keep on flirting. [Read: How girls flirt – 15 signs she’s being more than just nice to you]

#3 Her body language. Though we tend not to think about it, body language can send off huge signs as to whether or not she’s interested in you. Pay attention to her body language because if you can read it properly, it’ll open her up like a book. She’ll blink quicker than normal, her pupils will dilate, and she’ll be gazing into your eyes. In addition, she’ll try to get as close to you as possible. [Read: 15 body language cues a girl gives away if she actually likes you]

#4 She gets personal. She may open up to you and talk to you about her personal life. Now, she wouldn’t do that with a man that she didn’t trust and want to open up to. She’s opening up to you because she wants to bond with you. The best way to do this is by talking about something personal.

#5 She’s touchy. When she laughs, she touches your leg or arm. When you are walking, she may hug you or touch your hair. The point is, whenever she can get the chance, she puts her hands on you. Physical touch is a huge sign that someone is into you. [Read: 13 lusty signs of sexual attraction to keep an eye on]

#6 You see her more often. You may have seen her once a week in class but now, you’re seeing her everywhere. If you’re looking for signs a girl has a crush on you, remember this one. Trust me, if a girl wants you to see her, she’ll do whatever she can to be around you more. You seeing her more often isn’t a coincidence, she planned it that way. If she’s doing this, that’s a sign that she’s into you.

#7 You conversations continue via text. You may chat together when you’re at school or work, but what happens when you come home? Does the conversation end the minute you part ways or do you guys continue texting until you fall asleep? If you are talking frequently whether it’s in person or via text, it’s a sign that she has a crush on you.

#8 She looks at you. We all look at each other, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Does she look at you? When a girl has a crush on you, she’ll gaze at you when you’re not looking. And when you are talking to her, she’ll keep eye contact to show you that she’s paying attention. [Read: 14 signs a girl is attracted to you sexually and ways to read them]

#9 She’s always smiling around you. We’re not funny all the time, so don’t think that you’re the funniest guy in the world. You’re not. Sorry. But because she has a crush on you, she thinks you’re the funniest guy. She’s always laughing to your jokes, whether they’re good or bad, and smiling when you’re around her.

#10 Her behavior changes. If she doesn’t have a crush on you, she’ll keep her distance from you and act reserved. However, if she likes you, you’ll notice that her behavior changes when she’s around you. She may get nervous around you, become quieter or louder, fidget in her seat, and speak with a stammer.

#11 She ups her appearance. This is a classic sign that she’s trying to impress you. If she used to wear sweatpants but now is rocking a completely changed look, one that’s more sexy and flirtatious, well, she may be trying to get your eyes focused on her.

#12 She compliments you. We tend not to compliment guys we’re not interested in. Let’s face it, we’re not paying attention to them. If we notice something that you’ve changed in your appearance, it means we’re paying attention to the small details. Now, if she verbalizes that you look nice in your new shirt or that she likes your haircut, then she’s been keeping her eyes on you. [Read: What to do when a girl likes you – The right way to make your move]

#13 You hear rumors that she likes you. Ah yes, the rumor mill. Well, where there’s a spark there’s a flame. Now, I’m not saying you should follow completely what’s being said. But rumors do start from somewhere. Now maybe she’s not in love with you, but it’s clear that she’s feeling something.

[Read: The ultimate covert signs to know if a girl is really into you]

If you’re still not sure she shows the signs a girl has a crush on you, either wait a little bit longer or make the first move. Come on, you can do it!

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