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You’ve been parting your hair wrong this whole time

Taming lions is impressive, sure, but have you ever tried to tame a wild mane? Now that’s a circus. If you are blessed — or as some would say cursed — with spirally tresses, you’ve undoubtedly spent a good chunk of time trying to get them to lay a certain way, even if that meant a bunch of heat treatments. While embracing your natural hair seems almost too easy, that’s exactly what some hairstylists recommend.

“Let them fall wherever they go,” celebrity hairstylist Tommy Buckett told Allure, “It looks more modern when they’re messy anyway.” So, if your hair naturally falls left, right, or center — or even some combination of the three — don’t fret. We promise you it looks amazing.

Of course, that’s not to say you’re stuck with your natural part. If you do decide you want to try something different, there’s a way. When speaking to Glamour, celebrity hairstylist Jenny Cho recommended parting your hair while it’s wet as this will make it last much longer. As an extra defense, comb your locks with leave-in conditioner and apply your preferred curl cream, working from root to tip.

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