Woman on Top Sex: How to Effortlessly Master It and Rock his World

For many people, woman on top sex is daunting. If you’ve never done it before or have had a bad experience, it’s time we changed that for you.

Woman on top sex is horrifying when you try it for the first time. Okay, that was a little dramatic, it’s not horrifying. It is intimidating, like anything new. Woman on top sex positions places the woman in control. Many women are used to the men doing most of the work.

Not because women are lazy, this is simply because they don’t know the techniques for woman on top sex, and shyness overtakes when it comes to giving it a try. And you can’t blame us for that, if we have sex with someone new, the last thing we want them to think is that we don’t know what we’re doing. [Read: 13 secrets to take control and blow his mind]

Tips and tricks for the woman on top sex position

Sex without trying getting on top is a crying shame. It’s time to try it out. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Of course, it takes time to get the hang of it. It took me a while to understand what to do and what’s pleasurable for both my partner and me.

But there are a variety of things to do while on top. Each of them stimulates you and your partner in different ways. So, let’s not waste any more time, you need to know what to do when you’re the woman on top. It’s not as hard as you think it is. No pun intended.

#1 It’s not that scary, so relax. If you try out getting on top for the first time, of course, you feel intimidated, and it’s perfectly fine if you are. Everything you try for the first time feels unusual for you because it’s the first time! So, relax and calm down! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it as it puts you in control. [Read: How to free your mind and relax during sex]

#2 Talk to your partner. Now, I tell you this because if you’re not experienced in this position and they are, they’ll be able to help you out. I’m serious, with my ex, I wasn’t comfortable with on top positions because I felt embarrassed. However, we talked about it and it was perfectly cool. He was patient and helped me to figure out the movement and angle. [Read: How to be good at sex – 17 moves to become the hottest lay]

#3 Accept your insecurities. Now, you may not be doing any woman on top positions because you’re insecure about the angle. I get it, when I first did it, my insecurity was over my partner only seeing my tummy because, well, I don’t have a six-pack.

Trust me, he’s not focusing on that. Now, if you’re still not comfortable, wear a sexy slip or shirt that shows off your assets and hides the things you’re uncomfortable showing.

#4 Cowgirl isn’t the only position. Here’s the thing, many people think the cowgirl position is the only one you can do. In fact, woman on top leaves you a variety of options when it comes to positioning yourself. You can face the guy, have your back facing him, or squat while he does the work.

#5 Mix it up. Like I said above, women on top positions come in a variety which is why you should be taking advantage and mixing them up. Sure, he may find cowgirl to be a huge turn-on, but why not suddenly go into a squatting position or do reverse cowgirl to give him a different view. Remember, men are visual. [Read: 12 easy sex positions that will make your guy want more]

#6 Find your rhythm. Once you figure out the angle, he needs to help you with this as it’s not only you having sex. Remember, experiment with finding your rhythm. Finding a rhythm helps you achieve an orgasm. Maybe start out nice and slow, speed it up, and then slow it down again. It takes some time to figure out because this time, you’re in control. [Read: How to ride a man without getting tired – A lesson in endurance]

#7 Mix the types of penetration. Now, you don’t have to only move back and forth, mix up the different ways of penetration. What I mean is, yes, rock your pelvis back and forth, but also bounce up and down or move your pelvis in a circular motion. To find which motions work for you, you just need to experiment and test each of them out.

#8 You don’t have to do all the work. I know some of you don’t want to do woman on top sex positions because you fear getting stuck doing all the work. And honestly, who likes to do all the work? But, just because you’re on top, doesn’t mean your partner below you can’t put in some work.

When you’re tired and need a break, your partner can push you back and forth, or he can do the thrusting as well.

#9 Don’t forget your hands. You’re on top, so you have the power. You also are in an highly arousing position, so use your hands to make the view even more sexual. Have your partner rub your clitoris while you touch your breasts or suck on your finger. Have them smack your ass or grab your breasts. This also arouses you even more. [Read: 13 reasons why sensual sex is the best kind of sex]

#10 Eye contact. No matter what you think, sex is extremely intimate. Even if you think it’s just casual, sex isn’t something you do with everyone. So, it’s okay to make eye contact when having sex. In fact, it’s really arousing when your partner sees you fully enjoying the moment and connecting with them. Don’t be intimidated, look them in the eyes.

#11 Go on top with your clothes on. I know you think this is counter-productive, but it’s not. Roll on top or straddle your partner with your clothes on. There’s this element of slight mystery and naughtiness if you have underwear on. Almost as if you’re not giving your partner everything they want. [Read: 15 tantalizing ways to be a seductive tease]

#12 Leave your thoughts out of the bedroom. Unless they’re about sex. The only way you screw up woman on top is if you’re too concerned with how you appear to your partner. Parts of you will jiggle, that’s just the way gravity works. And they jiggle for everyone who goes on top. What’s sexy about this position is the woman is in control and her partner sees her enjoyment.

[Read: How to be good on top and ride him like the sex goddess you are]

Now that you know the positions and helpful tips for woman on top sex, it’s time you gave them a try. It takes some practice, but practice isn’t always boring, right?

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