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When you put coffee on your skin, this is what happens

Coffee is used in many skincare products to reduce inflammation, and it even has the potential to reduce the appearance of cellulite (via Self). Coffee products may also offer brightening properties, and given coffee’s exfoliating powers, the resulting protective barrier can fight off “bacteria, viruses, and fungi,” as Julia Hunter, MD, a dermatologist at Wholistic Dermatology, told Prevention. Coffee is also believed to minimize the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. “If you put coffee on the skin’s surface, it dehydrates and constricts blood vessels,” Hunter explained. “The area under your eyes is a lymphatic channel that drains poorly, and caffeine helps remove water from the system.” She continued, “Expect to see results for 30 minutes to an hour.”

It’s worth noting research is inconclusive as to how effective caffeine-infused products actually are. Still, coffee is an ingredient you should keep an eye out for when investing in body and skincare products. Because who doesn’t want a chance at having less inflammation, cellulite, and dark under-eye circles?

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