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What you don’t know about her

It’s a good thing that Stell has so many people in her personal life who support her, because she has had trouble finding support within the industry itself — but not for lack of trying. The entrepreneur said she has tried to connect with other women in the makeup business, but, for the most part, she has had to figure things out for herself. “I have found it really hard to find a mentor,” she told Forbes. “Women in this industry can be really catty. There are a few amazing women who I have worked with, including Jaclyn Hill, who I have helped, and helped me in return. I really admire Bare Escentuals longtime CEO Leslie Blodgett, but despite many tries, I have not yet been able to connect with her.”

While finding a mentor in the business might have been beneficial, Stell seems to have done a pretty good job on her own.

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