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What to Pack in Your Makeup Bag for Back to School

School will be back in session in no time, so it’s a prime time to plan for your upcoming classes. While creating your list of everything you’ll need for a successful and enjoyable academic year — cute stationery, home goods and cleaning supplies — don’t forget to stock your makeup bag with some important staples. Before you go shopping, though, make time to clean it out, throw out expired products (yes, even your favorite ones) and replace your worn-out makeup sponges so you can start the new semester with a clean slate. (Trust us, your skin will thank you.)

And if you’re feeling up to it and have extra cash, feel free to buy a completely new bag. It’s sure to lift your spirits, especially if you’re not excited to go back to campus just yet. You have hard work ahead in the coming months, the least you can do is treat yourself.

After that’s been sorted, it’s time for some new makeup. If you’re having trouble figuring out what you should buy, no worries. Ahead, we’ve compiled all of the key items every makeup wearer should have in their makeup kit, no matter their personal taste. A lot of them are multipurpose so you can wear them multiple ways, ensuring your bag is as lightweight as possible while still being able to create any beauty look your heart desires.

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