This Argan Rose Body Conditioner Is a Game-Changer for Dry Skin

When I first heard about “body conditioner”, I was more than a little confused. You mean, like, lotion? In the shower? Turns out that’s exactly what they meant. And if you’re constantly battling dry winter skin, like me, it’s awesome.

As the name suggests, you apply body conditioner toward the end of your shower, let it soak in a little and then lightly rinse it off. A steamy shower creates the perfect environment for adding some extra hydration. Plus, since you’re able to rinse off the excess, you’re not left with that sticky, greasy feeling you get with some lotions. Just silky soft skin.

This Argan Rose Body Conditioner Is a Game-Changer for Dry Skin

Argan Rose Body Conditioner

Even though cold weather wreaks havoc on my skin, there’s nothing I dislike more than standing in a freezing bathroom applying body lotion after a shower. I get cold and cranky just thinking about it. So it’s no surprise that slathering on this rose-scented body conditioner has quickly become one of my favorite beauty rituals.

It’s packed with shea butter, argan oil and rose water to both hydrate and soothe dry skin. And did I mention you get to reap the benefits from the piping hot comfort of your shower? Just massage into clean skin, rinse off and pat dry. No more shivering, messy hands, or trouble getting your skinny jeans on over freshly lotioned legs.

This Argan Rose Body Conditioner Is a Game-Changer for Dry Skin

Most commercial body conditioners are loaded with tons of ingredients, chemicals and preservatives. To be honest, while I’m usually one of those the-more-ingredients-the-merrier kind of people (I mean, six different oils are better than five, right?), you totally don’t need them in this recipe. And by trimming down the ingredient list, you save a ton of money and get to ditch those less-than-stellar things like parabens and sulfates.

This Argan Rose Body Conditioner Is a Game-Changer for Dry Skin

The main moisturizers in this are shea butter and almond oil. They’re both great at replenishing moisture and locking it in so skin stays supple longer. Next comes argan oil, which is chock full of vitamin E, and bergamot oil, which helps reduce irritation and balance skin issues. Rose water helps maintain skin’s pH, reduces redness and just plain smells amazing. And lastly, emulsifying wax and glycerin help bring everything together in a lotion-like consistency.

This Argan Rose Body Conditioner Is a Game-Changer for Dry Skin

It may sound like a lot of supplies, but if you make a lot of bath and body products, chances are you already have most of these things on hand. If not, I was able to pick up everything on Amazon for about $30 and free shipping. And aside from the rose water, I had more than enough leftover ingredients to make at least 10 more batches. If you’re okay going without the rose scent, skip the rose water entirely and use filtered water instead.

Here’s how to make your own:

Argan Rose Body Conditioner

Yield 8 ounces


  1. Combine the emulsifying wax, almond oil, shea butter and argan oil in a small sauce pan. Heat on low until thoroughly melted.
  2. Remove from heat and let cool for a minute or two. Add the rose water and vegetable glycerin and whisk the mixture as it cools. Mine thickened quickly, but depending on the emulsifying wax you use, this could take a while. Just make sure to whisk every now and then until it comes together.
  3. Once the mixture is a lotion-like consistency, whisk in the bergamot oil. 
  4. To use, apply a quarter sized amount right before getting out of the shower (it’s best to avoid direct contact with the water so you don’t rinse it off too early). Once it’s had a few seconds to sink in, lightly rinse off the excess and pat yourself dry with a towel. 
  5. Use within 2 weeks or store in the refrigerator for up to a month.


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