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These are the most beautiful eyes in the world

It’s not just the color of the iris or the shape of the eye that makes some eyes especially dazzling. According to an article in The Cut, people find long, full eyelashes especially attractive and aesthetically pleasing, especially on women. Given that our current societal norms dictate that women remove most of their body hair, such as on the legs or in the armpit, it’s interesting that lashes managed to stick around.

There are perfectly good reasons that we find thick eyelashes appealing. For one, they’re a good indicator of overall health, as some diseases and conditions can cause lash loss. Additionally, long eyelashes can make the eye look wider and can also make the gaze appear more dramatic. Who doesn’t love having expressive eyes, you guys?

It’s no small wonder, then, that there are plenty of products out there to emphasize our eyelashes, from mascaras to fake lashes and eyelash extensions. If you need a tutorial, just look to Cardi B — she’s a bonafide lash master.

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