The Only DIY Body Balm You Need To Make This Fall

Multitasking gets a bad rap these days. Maybe I shouldn’t scarf down a Clif bar for breakfast while I drive or attempt to read a magazine while ‘playing’ with the kids but my beauty products can still do double – or even quadruple – duty. This all in one DIY body balm works on chapped lips, ragged cuticles, rough elbows and flyaway hairs. That is a multitasking product every mom needs!

DIY Body Balm

All-N-One DIY Body Balm

This does-it-all body balm contains my three favorite moisturizers: coconut oil, jojoba oil and cocoa butter. All three work to enrich and soften dry skin. You know we love coconut oil so much we could eat it on a cracker (and maybe even do on occasion), but jojoba is a close second when it comes to moisturizing skin.

You can use jojoba oil on your face without fear that it will clog pores or make you feel all greasy. Full of fatty acids and vitamin E, it’s incredibly moisturizing without leaving a heavy residue. It’s great for combination skin, can be used to nourish dry skin and even helps oily skin regulate oil production as it mimics your skin’s natural oils.

And cocoa butter, well, let’s just say any product that smells like chocolate is a win in my book. But cocoa butter does more than just smell amazing, it’s an awesome multitasker.

A natural anti-inflammatory, cocoa butter is chock full of essential fatty acids to help it hydrate the skin and lock in moisture so skin stays soft and supple. It contains oleic, palmitic, and stearic acids, all of which nourish the skin. Plus, cocoa butter is said to help keep stretch marks and scars at bay.

Add a little beeswax to keep the balm from melting as well as to provide a protective layer on skin to lock in that moisture.

You can use this balm anywhere – hands, feet, hair, elbows, lips. Put a tiny bit on your fingertips to tame flyaway hairs and then apply to chapped lips. This balm does wonders for the inflamed elbows I get every year as soon as sweater season returns. And why not make use of that time in car line to massage a bit o’ balm into your cuticles? Who said multitasking was a bad thing, right?


DIY Body Balm

Make a DIY body balm that works from head to toe: flyaway hairs, chapped lips, ragged cuticles, rough elbows and feet.

Prep Time5 mins

Total Time5 mins

Author: Stephanie Gerber


  • In a saucepan, put a few inches of water on low heat. Combine oils and beeswax in a glass measuring cup. Set cup into the water and let the oils and wax melt together. Remove from heat.

  • Feel free to add 5-10 drops of an essential oil if you have a favorite. Lavender is a good all-purpose scent.

  • Pour mixture into containers and leave the top off until balm has cooled and set.


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