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The Fashion Formula That Never Fails Victoria Beckham

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the Beckhams, you should know that the family’s matriarch is now the face of relaxed chic. Surprising, we know — and we don’t blame you for being caught off guard. Up until a few years ago, Victoria Beckham’s creations were all about sharp-accented silhouettes, meant to be worn with a brand of Brit-girl disdain. But come 2018, Posh is all about roomy bottoms and resort shirts.

The designer, who unveiled her 10th anniversary collection at London Fashion Week this year, is trying hard to make relaxed ensembles a street-style obsession. We’re talking turtlenecks and loose denim, wide-leg jumpsuits and of course, her trusty midi skirts and baggy sweaters.

The skirt-and-sweater combo continues to be a big part of Victoria’s new aesthetic and we love how she is redefining anti-tailored fashion. The secret to Victoria’s sweater-skirt formula is in profile. If you’re taking notes from her look, you’ll see that the top is always wider than the skirt, even if it is pleated or flared.

Here, 7 times Victoria Beckham revamped the sweater-skirt combo in the chicest way.

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