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Super Fast 2-Minute Easy Updo Tutorial

Raise your hand if you get bored with your everyday ponytail? I’ll just bet you’re looking for new ways to put your hair up. I spotted this ‘do on a friend recently, and it looked so elegant. When she showed me how it’s done, I couldn’t believe it was so fast! All you need is an elastic headband – it’s perfect for gals who don’t have really long hair.

2-Minute Updo Tutorial |

It’s also perfect for gals who want to avoid using heat on their hair. While there’s no denying that heat styling is quick and convenient, it’s just not good to expose your hair to damage-causing heat all the time. Heat makes curly hair straight (or makes straight hair curly!) by using heat to affect the hydrogen bonds in hair.

However, it’s not just the hydrogen bonds that are affected—very high heat causes moisture loss and damages keratin, the protein that hair is made of. While heat styling once in a while isn’t a crime, it is possible to overdo it and cause some real damage to hair. 

This kind of damage manifests as split ends and dull and rough feeling hair—the solution?

Skip the heat styling!

Seriously, put down the curling iron and give your hair some serious TLC. While, yes, there are some amazing DIY hair masks you can do to restore moisture in hair, hair is never going to be 100% the same as it was before heat styling. 

Try skipping any heat styling for a month and your hair will thank you. This headband style is great because it’s really a two-in-one; first, you have a beautiful elegant updo that looks way more complicated than it really is (win!).

Then, when you want to let your hair out, say hello to some gorgeous heatless waves that really look like you just walked out of the salon. So, here’s how to do this super-simple, super-gorgeous hairstyle:

2-Minute Updo Tutorial |

Put the hair elastic on like a crown. Roll the length of your hair and twist it up. Then just keep tucking your hair into the headband until secure. Tuck the sides in and you’re done! And you know how elastic headbands never stay in long, they just keep sliding down your head? This stays amazingly well.

Why? Because your hair is all beautifully tucked in, it kind of just holds onto itself—no little flyaways sticking out here.

I do have a couple of tips for both the most gorgeous updo and the best possible waves after. They might take it from a 2 minute job to a 4 minute job, but now that you’re not heat-styling you’ve got the time.

First, spritz your hair with the tiniest bit of water before rolling and twisting it into the headband—this makes it easier for hair to take on a wave.

Second, a little touch of hair spray after styling hair never goes to waste. It helps to keep hair from escaping the headband, plus it also helps hair get that super flawless, natural wave.

2-Minute Updo Tutorial |

What do you think? Pretty, right? Let me know if you give it a try! 351

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