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Summer 2020 nail trends even an amateur can pull off

The French manicure is back in a big way for 2020, but this year it’s all about mixing things up. “At the latest Moschino show, I created candy colored manis featuring eight different shades of pastel Essie polish,” editorial nail artist Miss Pop told ELLE. “I then lined the edge of the nail with a sliver of bright white Blanc polish,” she continued. Another option is skipping the nail color altogether. “Skip the nude and show off your glossy nail bed with some negative space,” suggested Miss Pop, adding, “Try thin and with an exaggerated, curvy lined tip.” Whether you opt for colored polish on your French mani, nude or nothing at all, you’re guaranteed to be totally on-trend, so be sure to experiment — you could even change up the shape of the tips! Miss Pop’s final words of wisdom? “Be extra, but chic.”

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