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Snoring Keeps The Monsters Away!

Is there a special someone in your life that has a snoring problem or simply likes to fall asleep to music while you need to doze off in peace and quiet? If so, then the ZeeQ Smart Pillow may make a great gift for that special someone on your shopping list.

The ZeeQ Smart pillow is designed to help stop snoring and functions as a sleep tracker, alarm clock, and allows you to use the ZeeQ app to listen to sleep music as you gently fall asleep.

This smart pillow helps stop you from snoring by gently vibrating causing you to change position, without waking you up. The pillow also wirelessly plays music or other audio sound tracks to gently lure you to sleep. You can even use the pillow to tailor your wake up time to best suit your sleep cycle so you can wake up refreshed.

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In addition, this pillow will give you details about your sleep habits including the duration of sleep and the amount of rest you actually get.

This pillow has a Tencel Botanic Fabric pillow cover that regulates temperatures and wicks away moisture.
It connects to both iPhones and Android phones and uses a rechargeable Ion s.7v battery.

Users like that you can adjust the firmness of this pillow and find that it really does help prevent or stop their snoring. Users also like that they listen to music without disturbing their partner, and many find that they get a more restful sleep using this pillow. Others really like the fact that they can track their sleep habits and make the adjustments they need.

There are some things that a few people didn’t like about this smart pillow, including that they found the pillow uncomfortable. A few even that the pillow gave them a headache. A few other people found it difficult to get their phone app synchronized with the smart pillow itself.

While a few people didn’t like the ZeeQ Smart Pillow for various reasons, the majority of users found this pillow helpful for preventing their snoring, and liked listening to music and tracking their sleep. They like that they were able to add or remove stuffing from the pillow for a more customized fit and to make the pillow more or less firm. This pillow makes a great gift for people who have difficulty sleeping or waking up.

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