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Presidential children who grew up to be gorgeous

Named after the Joni Mitchell song “Chelsea Morning,” Chelsea Clinton was born when her father was in his first term as governor of Arkansas. Of course, his political career was only getting started. In 1993, when Clinton was just 12 years old, her father became president and the family relocated to the White House. 

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably lived through some pretty embarrassing and awkward preteen years yourself. If you’re lucky, there may only be a few photographs from that time in your life. If you’re Chelsea Clinton, however, there’s no shortage of images — and commentary — about the then-young girl’s appearance. According to her biography, she was the object of “intense media scrutiny” and was often the butt of jokes about her appearance. Well, the joke’s on them now.

These days, Clinton serves as the vice chair of the Clinton Foundation, a nonprofit organization that her father spearheaded in 2001 in an effort to foster leadership and improve health conditions throughout the world. She’s also an adjunct lecturer at Columbia University, an author, a mother of two, and a lover of ballet. Oh, and not at all awkward, in case you were wondering.

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