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Philly’s Reanimator Coffee Celebrates with Foles-gers Champion Blend

Reanimator Coffee’s Foles-gers blend.

Following the Philadelphia Eagles’ first ever modern era Superbowl win last night, many Eagles fans took to the downtown streets to celebrate by getting rip-roaring drunk, looting gas stations, smashing windows, toppling cars and eating horse manure.

Yet for you Eagles fans with more refined palates, particularly as they apply to specialty coffee, Philadelphia’s Reanimator Coffee is offering another way to celebrate, with Foles-gers Coffee “Champion Edition.” Better yet, the offering has been created for the advancement of Philadelphia — as opposed to, say, ripping down all the street lights — with all proceeds going to the Fund for the School District of Philadelphia.

Named partially in reference to an iconic U.S. coffee brand that shall not be named here, and in reference to the unlikely hero of last night’s football game, Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, the Foles-gers blend offers tasting notes of brown sugar, almond and victory, according to Reanimator. Surprisingly enough, the latter note is not the most esoteric we have in the specialty coffee world.

One can only wonder what Reanimator might have offered had a different Eagles starter won the game’s MVP award: Perhaps a single-origin Torrey ‘Terroir’ Smith, a certification-focused Zach UTZ Ertz, a roast-forward Brandon ‘Toasted Honey’ Graham, or an experimental processing offering called the Jalen ‘Wet’ Mills?

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