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Lunch Bags So Cute, You’ll Actually WANT to Carry Them

Remember how excited you would get for recess back in preschool or kindergarten? Whether it was because you couldn’t wait to munch on that special treat your mom or dad included in your lunchbox or it was just your favorite “subject” in general, we think we can all agree that it was the best part of the school day back then. But for the high schooler or college student, when you think of recess or lunchtime, cafeteria food and other unappetizing things come to mind. Don’t get us wrong, school lunches have definitely gotten better in the last few years. But we’d rather still pack our own lunch, you know?

Packing your own lunch is without a doubt one of the best choices you can make health-wise. Doing this gives you the option of selecting healthier food choices that will actually help you get through the day. It also helps save a few bucks and that’s always a plus.

If you’re bringing instead of buying, a stylish yet functional lunch tote is a must. Check out our roundup of cool insulated lunch bags that are sure to bring the fun and excitement back into bringing your own food to school or work.

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