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Inside + Out: 2 Ways to Use Pearl Powder in Your Beauty Routine

There’s no shortage of weird ingredients to put on your face. Seaweed. Mud. Snail slime. At the other end of the gross spectrum are prized ingredients like gold and pearls. Adding those to your skin regime might sound pricey, but you don’t don’t need a Kardashian-sized budget to afford pearl beauty treatments.

What is pearl powder?

Pearl powder is good for you both on the inside and outside. And yes, it really is powder made from pearls just like those found in jewelry. Fresh water pearls are ground into a super fine powder that’s easily absorbed and used by the body.

Pearl powder is primarily made of calcium but also has trace minerals such as sodium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, aluminum, and copper. It also contains many amino acids, including eight ‘essential’ amino acids that cannot be produced in the body but are required for health.

Inside + Out: 2 Ways to Use Pearl Powder in Your Beauty Routine

How do you use pearl powder?

In Chinese medicine, pearl powder is used as an anti-inflammatory and in Shen tonics for nervousness, anxiety and tension. Its adaptogen properties support and stabilize mood, help regulate sleep cycles, and increase libido. Moon Juice’s Amanda Chantal Bacon calls it her ‘mood food’ for its calming effects. It’s a key ingredient in her popular Beauty Dust.

Chinese cultures discovered pearl powder’s beauty benefits centuries ago. The first female empress of China famously used pearl powder to keep her skin looking young into her 70s.

Does pearl powder work?

Recent scientific data supports the anti-aging effects of pearl powder. Used as a supplement, this January 2018 study showed pearl powder’s abundant amino acids and trace minerals increased both the levels and activity of antioxidants. So not only will your body be producing fewer of the free radicals that cause cell damage and speed up aging, but it will also scavenge more of them.

Emerging research shows how pearl powder can speed up wound healing, stimulate collagen production and up the moisture levels in the skin.

Used externally, pearls gently exfoliate, accelerate skin metabolism to tone and rejuvenate skin, fade blemishes, reduce pores and decrease redness. Pearl protein acts like keratin to hydrate skin cells, accelerate cell metabolism, facilitate the repair of damaged cells, and increase circulation.

DIY Whitening Pearl Mask

You can add pearl powder directly to lotions or mineral makeup. It helps control oil and won’t clog your pores. It’s also a popular face mask ingredient to lighten age spots and even out skin tone.

Inside + Out: 2 Ways to Use Pearl Powder in Your Beauty Routine

Stir together to make a paste and apply to face, chest or hands. Basically anywhere skin aging is showing. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. The mask can be drying so follow with moisturizer and only use 1-2 times per week.

You can mix pearl powder with just about any ingredient for a face mask. Try honey, milk, yogurt or cooled green tea.

Pearl Powder Strawberry Iced Latte

To use internally, pearl powder is perfect for folding into energy bites or bars, but easiest of all is to add it to a smoothie or drink, like in this iced strawberry latte.

Inside + Out: 2 Ways to Use Pearl Powder in Your Beauty Routine

Pearl Powder Strawberry Iced Latte

Yield 1

A real beauty elixir, this latte supports skin elasticity, with collagen from pearl powder, healthy fats from hemp and antioxidants from strawberries.


  1. Add all the ingredients into a blender and process to obtain a smooth liquid.
  2. Add ice cubes into serving glasses, and pour the liquid over.
  3. Garnish with dried rose petals and serve.

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