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How to Text a Guy First: 14 Ballsy Tips to Make the First Move

You’re into him, but nothing’s happening. Instead of waiting for his text, why don’t you take matters into your own hands and learn how to text a guy first?

Sometimes you’ve gotta make life happen, and that is why you should learn how to text a guy first. You have his number, Facebook, or Insta account, but nothing is happening. He’s not texting you, and you’re not texting him. Well, how do you expect things to progress if something doesn’t happen?

By the looks of it, you’ll be waiting your whole life for him to text you. It’s time to do something about this. Even if nothing ends up working out, that’s okay. The point is you decided not to wait around for him to make a move.

We’re in the twenty-first century after all. You need to go get what’s yours. Am I right? Oh, yes, I am.

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How to text a guy first

There were so many guys I ended up texting first. Some of them worked out, while others didn’t. Was it ballsy of me to make the first move? Of course, it was. Men are used to being the ones who initiate everything. But why? Why did I need to wait around for a guy to realize I was into him? So, I did it myself.

I would go up to a guy I liked, be flirty, and ask him if he wanted to exchange numbers. I’m not going to lie – I expected them to come running after me once I made the first move. Most of them were intimidated by me. But, once I texted them, they got to know more about me and vice versa. Sometimes it resulted in a date, and sometimes it didn’t.

One thing I know is that I never regretted any of it. It’s time for you to make the first move and learn how to text a guy first. [Read: What to text a guy when you want to make the first move]

#1 Say something other than “hi.” Come on. I know you can do a bit better than that. Saying “hi” is fine, but there needs to be more. Bring up something that happened at school, mention a meme or video clip you saw, or ask him how he is. Do not just say “hi.” [Read: The common texting habits of girls that push guys away]

#2 What’s your goal of texting him? What’s the point of texting him? What do you want from it? Keep your goals in mind when texting him. If you want to hang out with him, make sure your text conversation will eventually lead to that. If not, you’ll spend hours and hours texting him without completing your goal.

#3 Don’t text him late at night. If you want a booty call, then late-night texts will do the trick. But if you want something serious, do not text him after nine pm. Anything later than that, you’ll give him the impression that you want something else. [Read: 20 flirty texting facts to have a great love life]

#4 Wait for him to reply. Don’t send him another text right after you sent him one. Give him time to reply. If he doesn’t reply, give it a day until you text him again. He could have forgotten or became distracted. But never hunt him down for a reply.

#5 Ask him questions. If you want to get to know him, ask him questions. Now, this isn’t a job interview, so you don’t need to grill him. But, every now and then, throw a question in and see what he says. If you don’t ask, you won’t know.

#6 If he ends the conversation, don’t text him. If the conversation ends, you don’t need to restart the conversation an hour later. When you’re figuring out how to text a guy first, remember to give some space for things to develop. If you texted him, let him text you first. A relationship is a give and take. It can’t only be you making moves. [Read: Why did he stop texting me? 13 rules you MUST follow]

#7 Don’t be glued to your phone. When he texts you, don’t reply right away. It’s okay to give it a couple of minutes or hours until you reply. Everyone is busy and has things going on in their lives, and he knows that. So, reply when you have time.

#8 Let the conversation end naturally. I know you like him, but if you feel the conversation is coming to an end, don’t try to hang on to it. The worst thing is when you see someone is trying to keep the conversation alive. Let it die. It doesn’t mean you lost your chance. It means that right now, there’s healthy silence.

#9 Stay away from sex-talk. If you’re only looking for a casual fling, then eventually, you can slide in some sexual topics. But, if you want something serious with him, then avoid talking about sex right away. There’s more to you than what’s between your legs and for now, he doesn’t need to know. [Read: How to flirt with a guy over text – Everything you need to know] 

#10 Spell properly. Listen, I don’t care how old you are, you need to spell properly. There’s no need for you to write, “brb,” “u2,” “sup” – come on. What was the point of spending years of your life in school if you’re not going to spell properly.

#11 Let him text you first after. If you made a move and texted him first, from now on, you don’t necessarily need to be the one who always makes the first move. Let him text you first. If he doesn’t text you unless you text him, maybe he’s not as interested in you as you think. [Read: What it means when he never texts you first but always replies]

#12 Show your personality. If you want to develop a connection, show your personality in your texts. If you have a great sense of humor, don’t be afraid to crack jokes, and make him laugh. You’re not a robot; you’re a real person with a personality.

#13 Keep the text short and sweet. No one, whether they’re a woman or man, enjoys reading an essay length text message. If you can’t say what you want in a couple of sentences, then just phone them or send a voice message. Your texts should be short and sweet. There’s no need to write a novel. [Read: What to text a guy that will get his attention]

#14 Take it off text. You’ll know when it’s time to take your conversation off of text message. And when you get that feeling, it’s time for you to make a move. Whether it’s talking on the phone, sending voice messages, or meeting up in person; take it forward.

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You may think learning how to text a guy first is scary, but once you do text him, it won’t feel that intimidating. Just relax, you can do this.

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