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How to Stimulate the Clitoris and Leave Her Squirming for More

You want to blow your partner’s mind in bed. But to do this, you must know how to stimulate the clitoris. Are you up for the challenge?

Every person walking this planet wants to know how to wow their partner in bed. But when it comes to pleasing a woman, many men fall short. I’m not saying it’s their fault. It hasn’t been until recently where we started to talk about female pleasure, the art of learning how to stimulate the clitoris or even what women really need to get turned on!

Before, it was assumed women weren’t sexual. We still don’t know much about the clitoris. It was one part of the body scientists didn’t want to research. Though the clitoris may look small and insignificant, it’s one fierce body part that everyone should know.

How to stimulate the clitoris and pleasure a woman

Back in the day, there’s a reason why doctors diagnosed women with hysteria and would “cure” the illness with vibrations. They didn’t understand the sexual needs women have. Instead, it was assumed that women are basically non-sexual humans and require very little stimulation.

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Oh, how wrong were they! That being said, you may not know much about the clitoris, and you’re not alone that one. Many women don’t even know how to stimulate themselves. But the time for change is now, and you should know how to stimulate the clitoris. It’s about time you learned.

#1 Do a little read-up on the clitoris. If you don’t know much about the clitoris, you should research it. Find out where the clitoris is and learn about why it’s such a crucial part of the female body. By knowing the basics, you’ll be able to work off of it and not feel like you’re going into the situation blind. [Read: Clitoris stimulation with sexy ways to please it]

#2 Talk about it with your partner. Perhaps the way you’ve stimulated your past partner won’t work the same for your current partner. Or maybe you’ve never stimulated a clitoris before, and you’re nervous. These are perfectly normal situations. So, why not talk about it with your partner, maybe she can help you out.

#3 Watch how she does it. You may be a little nervous or unsure of what she likes, and if that’s the case, why don’t you watch your partner masturbate.

As she touches herself, you’ll be able to see what she likes, that is, if she’s someone who practices masturbation. If she is, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel; you need to focus on what she enjoys. [Read: How to masturbate – 14 sexy self pleasure tips to discover yourself]

#4 Keep it simple. You don’t need to perform a circus show to impress her. What many people do is try to incorporate some fancy technique or do something out of the ordinary to impress their partner. But, keeping it simple will take you much further. Then, once you become more comfortable with stimulating the clitoris, you can experiment with new techniques and see how it goes.

#5 Change the number of fingers. You can start with one finger, but who said you had to stick to using one finger? While stimulating the clitoris with your fingers, move from using one finger to two, three, even a full hand. This will give even more stimulation as each finger strokes the clitoris right after the other one. [Read: How to use your fingers to make a girl orgasm]

#6 Practice oral sex. There are a couple of ways you can stimulate the clitoris: with fingers, through penetration, and oral sex. We’re focusing on the latter. Oral sex is a great way to stimulate the clitoris and is even more effective than fingering. The beauty is you can incorporate fingering and oral sex together, which will blow your partner’s mind. [Read: The tips and tricks to give her oral sex like a pro]

#7 Experiment with different strokes. The time to experiment is now! Of course, your go-to move will probably be to start rubbing up and down, but that’s not going to work for everyone.

Experiment with different stroking techniques such as up and down, side-to-side, and indirect stimulation by stroking the sides of the clit or the clitoral hood. Mix these strokes up and see what combination works best.

#8 Use pressure. Whether it’s your fingers or tongue, use pressure when stroking the clitoris. Always start off light and work your way up the levels of pressure. You’ll need to watch your partner’s reaction and see what pressure they enjoy the most. After you nailed down the pressure, use different strokes to pleasure the clitoris. [Read: How to find a girl’s g-spot without using a flashlight]

#9 Give edging a try. Once you feel more comfortable with stimulating the clitoris, switch up your technique. Edging is building up to climax, and just when your partner is about to reach that point, you stop stimulating the clitoris.

This will take some communication between you and your partner, as they need to know when they’re about to climax as well. Start slow, build the intensity, and then pull back. You can do this for as long as your partner can handle it. [Read: What is edging? How to orgasm harder and better than ever before]

#10 Use a toy. You can use your hands or mouth, but you may want to switch things up. Plus, sex toys are a sure-fire way to get someone off. A vibrator can work wonders. But don’t surprise your partner with a toy unless they’ve talked about using it with you in the bedroom. When it comes to toys, communication is crucial.

#11 Pay attention to her. I often hear this question: how can you know when she’s enjoying herself? Oh, you’ll know. If you want to learn what your partner likes, pay attention to her reaction.

If she’s laying in complete silence, the odds are she’s not feeling it. But if she’s moaning, grabbing the sheets, and telling you she wants more, then keep doing what you’re doing. [Read: What does sex feel like for a woman?]

#12 Relax. What’s important is that you take a deep breath and relax. If you’re nervous and tense, it’s not going to be a fun experience for either of you. Of course, it’s easy for me to say this. During the first couple of times, it’s going to be a little stressful. You probably have been overthinking this. But what’s important is you remind yourself this isn’t a big deal. [Read: How to relax during sex – free your mind and enjoy your orgasms]

#13 Penetration also works. There are certain positions that work really well when it comes to knowing how to stimulate the clitoris. The list is long, but basically, any position where the clitoris is rubbing against another body part will do the trick. Positions like cowgirl work perfectly because the clit is directly grinding against her partner’s body.

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I can give you an endless amount of tips for how to stimulate the clitoris, but stimulation also depends on the woman. Figure out what works for her because not all women are the same.

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