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How to Make Him Regret Taking You For Granted And Change His Ways


Feeling a little unappreciated? Learn how to make him regret taking you for granted, and pave the way for a brighter future in your relationship!

Whether they realize it or not, some guys have a habit of taking their partner for granted. This could be innocent, simply getting a little too used to things they do on a daily basis, and not really noticing the small details which make them quite lucky in life. It could also be that the guy is a bit of a narcissist, basically assuming that everyone should do whatever for him, because that is how life should be. Whichever camp your guy falls into, learning how to make him regret taking you for granted could be a game-changer.

I should point out that if your guy is quite the narcissist, you have your hands full attempting to make him change. Put simply, a narcissist will only change his ways if he wants to.

On the other hand, if your guy simply needs a nudge to remind him how wonderful his partner is, and how you don’t have to do all the things you do for him, these methods could turn out to be very useful indeed!


How to make him regret taking you for granted

Wondering how to make a guy stop taking you for granted, and regret ever doing it, here are eight great ways that will work like a charm.

#1 Stop doing the things you always do for him. Firstly, stop doing those things he is taking for granted. If you always make breakfast whilst he sits there and doesn’t move, stop doing it. If you’re always making dinner, stop making it. If you’re always doing the laundry, let him wonder why his clothes are dirty. If you’re always working whilst he’s only half-assing it, stop contributing as much, and start thinking about yourself.

The single best way to put how to make him regret taking you for granted into action is to stop doing the very things that he’s not appreciating. Once those things aren’t happening, he’s going to sit up and wonder what’s going on. He’ll suddenly realize that you’re doing more than he’s giving you credit for, and the hope is that he’ll start to think about how little he does as a result.

Of course, it could backfire completely and cause a huge argument, but avoiding doing the things which he’s taking for granted is the only way to start the process towards getting recognition for all those things you do, mostly without a thank you.

#2 Call him out on his behavior. If you’re tired of not getting a ‘thank you’, tired of not being appreciated, tell him! Make it known that you’re not happy, that you’re sick of being taken for granted, and that you’d like a little recognition occasionally, perhaps a few things done for you sometimes too!

Maybe he simply doesn’t realize what he’s doing and needs a nudge, or maybe he simply expects these things to be done and doesn’t think you deserve the recognition. If that’s the case, you need to start explore the idea of whether you really need that type of disrespect in your life!

The best way to approach this conversation is carefully. Don’t jump in all guns blazing, but simply saying “I do x, y, z for you and you don’t ever say thanks” could be all it takes.

#3 Set yourself some boundaries. Within the things he’s taking for granted, there are bound to be things that you do which you need also. For instance, if you make dinner it’s because you’re hungry too. Of course, you could make your own and let him makes his, but that’s probably going to start a huge argument. If you don’t get what you want out of your how to make him regret taking you for granted mission, that’s certainly a route you could think about however!

You need to set yourself some boundaries, so tell yourself the things you will do, mainly because you want them or need them, and outline the things that you won’t do, because you simply do them for no thanks. Once he sees certain things he took for granted have gone missing, he’ll start to question why.

#4 Focus on yourself. If you feel like he’s taking you for granted generally, start focusing on yourself rather than on him. Do things that make you feel good, buy some new clothes, change your style a little, perhaps start learning a new skill, take up a new hobby, or join the gym.What you need to do is put an onus back on giving yourself the thanks that he’s not giving you.

Your guy will soon see that twinkle in your eye that only comes from focusing on number one, and when combined with the fact that you’re not doing the things he’s taking for granted anymore, he’s going to get worried.

Worried men start to look at the reasons for the way they’re feeling and perhaps he will begin to realize that he’s been mistreating you for so long.

#5 Keep your dignity. Don’t continue doing things for someone who doesn’t show you respect or thanks. Hold your head up high and show your dignified side. Don’t be dragged into arguments about it, simply stop doing the things he’s taking for granted, tell him why and then let him change his ways.

If he refuses to do so, if he still takes you for granted and doesn’t show you the respect you deserve, walk away with even more dignity and find someone who does appreciate you for the wonderful person you are, and all the wonderful things you do.

#6 Let him know that you’re fine without him. You might think that talking about a future without him in it is playing with fire. Yes, in some ways it is, because it’s part and parcel of game playing, but when someone is taking you for granted, you need to give them a firm nudge to make them see what their behavior is doing, and what the possible consequences may be if they don’t change their way.

Simply let him see that if you had to leave, you would and that you would be fine without him. You can do that by being independent, focusing on yourself, and letting him see that you’re doing more things for yourself.

#7 Reignite your social life. Still wondering how to make him regret taking you for granted? Kickstart your social life and start going out with your friends. If you’re acting a little cold or aloof around him and you suddenly start going out and enjoying your life more, he’s going to start panicking about other people who may treat you better.

That could be enough to make him realize what he’s being doing, regretting his actions and causing him to change for the future.

That’s the hope. Even if that doesn’t happen, you’re having fun, you’re increasing your confidence, you’re getting out there, and you’ll know that if you have to leave, you’ll be more than fine on your own, until someone else comes along.

#8 Play a little hard to get and tell him why. I’m not usually a great advocate of playing hard to get; I think it’s necessary game playing, but in this situation I’m all for it.

Be a little colder, don’t pick up the phone whenever he calls, wait a little while until you reply to his text, and don’t always be available when he clicks his fingers.

He’s going to wonder what’s going on, and when he asks, tell him why. Tell him that you feel unappreciated, tell him that he’s taking you for granted, and tell him that you don’t like the way it makes you feel.


Understanding how to make him regret taking you for granted isn’t actually that difficult. The first step is to stop doing the things he’s not appreciating, and secondly, focus on number one. This quick recipe is sure to make him second guess his actions, and if not, walk away with your head held high!

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