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How to Make a Girl Smile and Love Being Around You All The Time

Whether you’re looking to cheer up a friend, flirt with your crush, or just want to know how to make a girl smile, these are the tips for you.

You might think learning how to make a girl smile takes tons of practice or swagger, but in reality it isn’t all that difficult. All most girls want is for you to be genuine and a smile should pop right up.

But if you’re shy, nervous, or just don’t have much experience here are some surefire ways to get that smile.

Crack a smile yourself

Before we even get into the tips and tricks, smiling is a great way to get anyone to smile at you. Keep it friendly, not over the top or clown like. You don’t want to freak this girl out.

But if you aren’t much of a talker or just want to make a girl smile from afar, show off your pearly whites, and she most likely will crack a smile right back. [Read: How to smile more often and change your life for the better]

What is your end game?

Are you looking to date this girl? Are you trying to start a conversation? Or do you want to cheer up a friend? Knowing where this is all going is a great place to begin.

You may not want to go in with a joke if you’re trying to cheer up a sad friend, but a compliment could be perfect for another situation. So, think about the appropriateness of your attempt in your specific scenario.

How to make a girl smile

When you want to make a girl smile, don’t overthink it. You could come across awkward or weird. Rather just take a deep breath and go in with confidence. Most importantly, be yourself. [Read: 20 funny questions to ask a girl and leave her ROFL]
Most girls have pretty good intuition and can tell if you’re using a line or are too prepared. Being genuine is your best bet.

#1 Compliment her. This is an oldie but a goodie. A solid compliment can go a long way. But let’s start with a smile.

Keep it simple, you don’t want to make her uncomfortable. Saying something like “Wow, you look so nice tonight,” or even, “That dress looks amazing on you,” is classic. This doesn’t feel like you planned it out or came up with a clever saying. A good old fashioned compliment is always golden. [Read: The sweetest compliments a girl would love to hear]

#2 Buy her something. I don’t mean a gift, but if you’re at a bar, order something for her. Yes, you can go with a drink. But personally I think an appetizer is a lot more unique and will catch her off guard in a good way.

Order her a side of fries, send her a milkshake, or what have you. But this is sure to get her to smile, if not more. [Read: How to court a woman like a classy gentleman]

#3 Offer her a hand. By this, I mean if she is struggling to get a waiter’s attention, taking a selfie with a friend, or anything along those lines, offer to help. This is a great intro to a smile, and even a bit of flirting or if you’re lucky, a full conversation.

This could even include helping her carry leftovers to the car or holding the door open for her. You don’t have to do something crazy to make a girl smile. Just a small act of kindness is all it takes.

#4 Catch her eye. Flirting with your eyes can be considered a subtle art, and if you’re wondering how to make a girl smile, this is one great way to start. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll surely get a smile from her. All you have to do, whether across the room, bar, or nearby is make eye contact for no more than three seconds.

Continue to do this over a 20 minute or so period. If she smiles, giggles, gets flushed, she maybe interested. Most likely you’ve already gotten your smile without saying a word. Now you can go in and get a full on laugh. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact moves that work every single time]

#5 Make the most of every opportunity. You may not get the chance to offer to help her with something, but there are plenty of other people in the world. So no matter where you are, keep an eye out for anyone struggling.

I mean you should do this anyway, to be a good person. It’s just a benefit if a girl sees it. Help an elderly person to their car or reach something off a high shelf for someone. When you’re going out of your way to help someone it is certain to make her smile.

#6 Support her. Whether this is a girlfriend, a friend, or someone you just met, and she is venting, support her. Now this does not mean that you should offer a fix to whatever complaint or problem she is sharing with you. Just listen.

Women love when a guy just listens, rather than fixing everything. So tell her, “Wow, that sucks,” or “I can’t imagine that.” She is sure to smile due to your refreshing attitude. [Read: 15 courteous ways to be a gentleman and keep her happy]

#7 Tell her she’s worth it. Worth what? Well, that is up to you. Whether you’re buying her dinner, driving her somewhere, or walking her home make sure she knows she’s important to you.

The same goes via text. When you tell her to text you when she’s home safe or you stay up late and are tired the next day let her know that talking to her or making sure she’s safe is worth it.

#8 Be a gentleman. Chivalry really is dead. So if you open the car door for her, pull out her chair, help her with her coat, or the modern version of this… stay off your phone when you’re together! She will beam with joy.

It is sad to say how rare these common acts of courtesy are nowadays. Show your willingness to make every effort to not only impress her, but also treat her right through your actions, you’ll get a smile and much more. [Read: 20 ways to make your girlfriend incredibly happy]

#9 Be romantic as hell. On top of being a stand up guy, showing your romantic side will sweep her off her feet. From candles to flowers and chocolates these may be a little cliche, but they work.

Also if you’re really pulling out all the stops, dance with her. And I don’t mean grinding at the club. Put a slow song on your phone, take her hand and dance in the street. This is something most women only see in the movies. So, bringing this fairytale-like moment to her real life may even have her crying happy tears. [Read: The complete guide to romance without the cheesiness]

#10 Hold her hand. Whether she is meeting your parents, you meeting hers, or doing anything she would be nervous about, right before, just squeeze her hand gently. A simple touch like this says a lot in those moments.

It lets her know even though you maybe can’t say anything in that moment that you are with her and she is not alone.

[Read: How to make any girl laugh, smile and like you instantly]

When it comes to knowing how to make a girl smile, the first step is to make her feel good. Whether that is through an action, compliment, or even a joke, a smile is the perfect start to any relationship.

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