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How to Dress to Impress a Girl & Get More than Just a Second Glance

Putting your best foot forward through your outfit can say a lot about you. So follow these tips on how to dress to impress a girl.

This is not at all a shallow or superficial idea. How you dress for certain occasions can portray your level of respect for authority, your style, and sometimes even your lifestyle. When it comes to knowing how to dress to impress a girl, it all comes down to what you want your outfit to say.

Women may not need a man who knows how to dress to the nines, but knowing how to put a solid and flattering outfit together will likely win you some bonus points with the ladies.

Keep it neat

Maybe your eyes and your smile are some of the first things that a girl will notice about you. Your clothes make a close second. And even though you can go with a number of styles, keeping things clean is a priority.

And I don’t just mean washing your clothes regularly. You should own an iron or a handy little steamer for those wild wrinkles and creases. Also try to avoid shoes and clothes with holes in them. If what you put on your body is a mess, it is likely your home and maybe even your life is the same way. [Read: 38 ways to appear rich and look like you’re rolling in cash]

Be yourself

When reading a feature like this, you may wonder why you would change yourself for someone else. This girl should like you for you. But that’s not what dressing to impress a girl is about.

You can keep your style. Choose and wear what you like, while amping up the attractiveness. Just as you would choose your best suit for a job interview, amping up your style is a great way to make a first impression. It also helps you to portray how great you are inside on the outside. [Read: How to be a much better man by using the right role model]

How to dress to impress a girl

Your first step when dressing to impress a girl should always come from your taste. If you like to be comfortable, don’t go for a suit and tie around her. And if you like something simple like navy and grey, don’t wear flashy colors to catch her eye.

Go with what you like. Take it a step further and make it a bit more modern and flattering. When you start putting that little extra effort in she will take notice.

#1 Find out what she likes. Just finding a cool looking guy in a magazine and copying his look won’t do too much, especially if you’re trying to figure how to dress to impress a girl you like.

Has she complimented something you’ve worn before? Maybe she loved your checked sports coat rather than the solid ones you normally wear. In that case throw some new patterns into your shirts or even your tie. Is she bold with her style or laid back and classic? You can try to take her taste and see what you have that blends well. [Read: What women find attractive: 16 traits girl instantly fall for]

#2 Shop your wardrobe. You don’t necessarily need to go out and buy a whole new closet to impress a girl. You probably have some killer pieces shoved in the back of your closet or maybe you’re just not putting the right pieces together.

That shirt you bought for a job interview, those pants you bought for Easter, or those shoes you forgot you got during that dreadful Black Friday sale in the back of your closet might make the perfect outfit. You just have to put it together.

If you’re wearing New Balance sneakers with jeans and a button down shirt, that isn’t a wow, he’s hot look. It’s more of a he’s 12 years old, and it’s picture day look. So maybe hold onto the running shoes for the gym or that hike you’ve been meaning to go on. And break in those suede shoes when going out. [Read: How to attract women at first sight effortlessly]

#3 Gather some research. Instagram fashion isn’t just for girls. Maybe you weren’t aware, but there are male fashion bloggers out there offering tons of inspiration for you. This way you can pull some ideas from them if you’re not the best at picking out a smart, casual look.

Personally, if you’re totally lost when it comes to fashion, I recommend you check out Jim Chapman, Matthew Zorpas, and Tinie Tempah.

Now some of these guys maybe be a bit trendy and if you’re not at that point that is totally fine. These guys offer ideas, they are not for you to copy. You still want to feel like you, just not in that North Face jacket you’ve been wearing since high school.

#4 Ask for her advice. This is a surefire way to wear what she likes. If you got something new, ask her opinion. Or even show her your online shopping cart, and ask if she thinks you can pull it off.

This shows you take her opinion into account and recognize her sense of style. Or you could even take her shopping as a sort of subtle date. Tell her you want to reboot your wardrobe and would love her advice. Plus, once you wear what you know she likes you’re sure to impress. [Read: How to get girls – 16 tricks that make you instantly likeable]

#5 Take it slow. Big transformation scenes may go over well in movies, but in real life they draw some questioning eyes and the wrong kind of attention. You don’t want to all of a sudden walk into work or wherever wearing a bowtie and shiny shoes out of the blue.

Rather, add a few staple pieces to your rotation gradually. Feel them out. See if she notices, comments, or even compliments. Start with something small like new sunglasses. Then maybe a shirt that stands out more or new shoes. You could even go for some tighter fitting pants if you really want to get her attention. [Read: How to read a girl and read her subtle hints]

#6 Pick your moment. If you see the girl you want to impress regularly, an immediate switched up style would seem out of place. But if you want to impress an ex, someone you rarely see, or even a blind date this could be the perfect opportunity to try out that outfit you’ve had hanging on your closet door for weeks.

Gradually growing your style is good for everyday, but if there is a party that is your only chance to impress this girl, pull out all the stops and go for it with your best outfit.

#7 Avoid trends. If you have the confidence, go for it, but for the most part trends can be iffy. Popular trends tend to be either loved or hated so they are a bit of a risk. Wearing a fedora, a blanket scarf, or a man’s romper may not get you the attention you want.

Instead go for classic items that never go out of style. Clubmaster sunglasses, faux leather jackets, and even Converse are items you really can’t go wrong with. [Read: 12 ways to transform yourself from a boy to a real man]

#8 You don’t have to invest. Now if you’re actually trying to improve your wardrobe for the long haul go ahead and invest in some staple pieces you’ll hold onto for years to come. But if you’re trying to impress a specific girl there is no need to max out your credit cards for something that may not work out.

Rather you can find plenty of fashionable and decent quality items at places like ASOS, H&M, and even Target. So don’t get all flustered trying to get a girl to notice your outfit. Saving your money and being a smart spender is also sexy.

#9 Show off your style somewhere new. If you’re trying to impress someone who always sees you in your work clothes there may not be room for improvement or much change. In that case invite her out so she can see your off duty style.

And if you’re too nervous ask her out, invite the office out for drinks and dress to impress off the clock. [Read: Sex god moves that will attract the ladies]

#10 When in doubt, be yourself. Amping up your style can certainly gain you some attention from the ladies. Just watch Crazy, Stupid, Love and take some pointers from Steve Carell’s character. You can change it all. Ultimately, you want to find someone that likes you for you, New Balance sneakers and all.

[Read: 15 atypical secrets you need to know to impress a girl]

If this didn’t help you figure out how to dress to impress a girl there isn’t much more I can offer you, except that confidence is the best thing you can wear.

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