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Here’s how Gwen Stefani gets her iconic blond hair

While Dixon hasn’t given us any other clues on how to achieve Gwen Stefani’s iconic hair color, he did reveal if you’re trying to replicate the look, leave-in conditioner is a must. “Leave-in conditioners — that’s really the secret,” Dixon told Refinery29. “So many people are blow drying and using hot tools, which is where most of the damage happens — so I’m always telling people to learn how to work with leave-in conditioning at every stage of styling,” he added. His leave-in conditioner of choice? Moisture Leave-In Creme by Pantene.

However, that doesn’t mean you rush out and buy Pantene’s leave-in conditioner immediately. You need to consider your hair type and do your research first. “You have to use the right formula,” celebrity hairstylist Rob Talty, who works with Christina Aguilera, told Harper’s Bazaar. “Otherwise you’re just weighing the hair down.”

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