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Hairstyle hacks to make your hair look fuller

The golden rule of healthy hair is regular trims, which boosts fullness. However, Sarah Rappolt, stylist and Director of Education at Michael Angelo’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor, stresses that while a good cut is essential, the maintenance of said cut is even more important. “People tend to stretch time between haircuts because of their busy schedules and lifestyles,” Rappolt told me. “When layers grow out and ends get split and limp, we sacrifice body and fullness.”

Mio Sota of Trio Salon in Chicago declares that “a great, even haircut” is crucial and the cornerstone of full hair. If a cut is bunk and you don’t tend to it, “you’ll be spending more time trying to style it to look decent, rather than spending the time to add volume,” Sota explained.

Therefore, a trim every six to eight weeks is recommended by Rappolt to “keep your hair looking fresh, bouncy, and full.”

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