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Hair colors you’ll be asking for in 2019

Rainbow combinations are going to hang around in 2019, yes, but that doesn’t mean natural shades are out. When The List caught up with Fred Connors, renowned stylist and owner of, he admitted, “There are a lot of trends I was hoping would go away but they are still popping up on the streets of [Manhattan]. Unicorn hair, still here, cotton candy pink, ditto.” 

While they are still on trend, Connors recommends “hues that look like they were created by nature” or “hair color you could actually be born with.” Of course, that doesn’t mean your hair color will end up looking boring. With colors like “rich deep browns, icy nordic blondes, chestnuts, and radiant reds,” your hair will make a statement without needing to be iridescent. Most importantly, the hair expert says, make sure your hair shines because “dull matte hair of any color is out.” Serums and gloss will be your best friends come 2019.

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