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Green Importer Trabocca Moves to 1-Bag Minimum with MyTrabocca Ordering Portal


Screenshot of the MyTrabocca online ordering portal login page.

Ethiopia specialist green coffee importer Trabocca has launched MyTrabocca (registration required), a new ordering portal that gives roasters worldwide the opportunity to order quantities as small as one 60-kilo bag.

The Dutch company, which maintains trading and logistics operations in the United States, previously required a minimum order of one pallet, but said the new, much smaller minimum was in response to demand from small-quantity roasters seeking access to high-quality coffees.

The company launched the online portal in conjunction with the World of Coffee show in Amsterdam last week, offering additional automation for full orders and sample orders, while allowing easy access to contract information.


Screenshot of the MyTrabocca order page.

“We felt the need to create a system in which we can simultaneously serve both small and large coffee roasters,” Trabocca Commercial Director Sander Reuderink said in an announcement of the MyTrabocca launch. “Both types of roasters are invaluable for the continuation of the quality supply chains that we have built with growers over the past fifteen years.”

The launch comes just weeks after Trabocca held its first specialized auction, called Operation Cherry Red, that returned nearly $100,000 to producers above the $5 per pound minimum they had already been paid for the auction coffees.

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