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Famous models who are unrecognizable without makeup

Victoria’s Secret superstar Irina Shayk is no stranger to going makeup free. Even knowing that she’s frequently shot by paparazzis, she lives her life without feeling the need to drown herself in foundation, lipstick, and eyeliner. And why should she? Shayk’s career relies on her looking fabulous, so she must revel in that time when she’s running errands or chilling with friends and she can just let her face breathe.

Clearly, the woman glows from the inside out. When questioned by W magazine about what she does to keep her skin looking photo-ready at all times, Shayk revealed an odd little tip, “In the morning, I always use a cube of ice on my face — it gives me a natural lift.” She also advised staying out of the sun and applying a higher SPF on the neck, hands, and face, as those areas age faster and are more sensitive.

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