Do Those Quartz Rollers Really Work?

If you take a gander through your Instagram feed, it’s hard to miss the plethora of influencers who rave about quartz rollers. Made of various stones — and all promising different results — it’s easy to get mesmerized by the gentle strokes. But while the concept of — quite literally — rolling a stone over your face to achieve radiant, smoother pores is appealing, it also feels a little far-fetched. After all, if it was this easy to rid of wrinkles, battle acne and other flare-ups, wouldn’t everyone head to a river and call it a day? The wonder of quartz rollers is actually found in how you use them — and how often. Here, experts share the details of how these trendy pieces work — and if they’re ideal for your skin needs. Get rollin’:

Do Those Quartz Rollers Really Work?So, what is a quartz roller?

Originating in ancient Chinese medicine, quartz rollers used to be the practice of the elite rich, and Egyptians believed in their power, too, according to Philadelphia-based aesthetician, Chelsea DePilla. You can consider a quartz roller the oldest form of anti-aging methods — and a practice that DePilla is still worth the time today. By utilizing the healing properties of various stones from Mother Nature herself, DePilla says quartz rollers can help to assist lymphatic drainage on our face, improving circulation. When you place the roller in the freezer, the cool temperature can also fight against swelling and puffiness, too. “Keeping healthy blood flow to the face will help smooth out those fine lines and delay the aging process,” DePilla adds.

Do Those Quartz Rollers Really Work?What do the stones do?

The most common stones in popular rollers today are jade and rose — both suggesting different benefits. While DePilla says Jade is a softer stone that heats on your skin faster, aesthetician at In-Glo Med Spa, Inna Knyasevch says rose quartz features a high mineral content of magnesium and iron, which is good news for your pores. As you roll across your t-zone and cheeks, you will notice puffiness and inflammation give way to brighter, calmer pores. Because rose quartz is also renowned as the stone of love, Knyasevch says like Cleopatra, you can use it as a way to relax about worries of the heart. Or ya know, after a terrible Tinder date that you wish would have gone smoother. If you’re not sure what stone is ideal for your specific needs, chat with a skin care expert you trust to recommend a regimen for your unique chemical makeup.

How to use a quartz roller

When should you use a quartz roller? If you ask skin care gurus, they’ll say ‘whenever you want to!’ — but there are certain situations that call for a quick fix. When you’re sick, suffering from allergies or stuffed up, Knyasevch says a roller is not only good for your skin, but your sinuses. When you’re going through a period of little sleep thanks to deadlines, children or a bad breakup, cool quartz rollers can be used as a way to rid of dark, puffy under eye circles. If you want to ensure all of your makeup is completely off of your face — and thus, not clogging up sensitive pores — a quartz roller can dig through every layer, according to Knyasevch.

For best results though, make sure your roller is cold by keeping it in your fridge or freezer until you’re ready to use it. Though dermatologist Dr. Hadley King says you can reap the same benefits with a cold spoon or other material, stones are naturally cold, making them an easier go-to. You can also try these tips from Dr. King to get the most out of your quartz roller practice:

Use it with a serum.

After you apply your serum of choice before bedtime, you can gently roll over your pores with your stone of choice, helping to massage the serum into your skin more effectively.

Use it with a sheet mask.

Sure, sheet masks are popular — but how often do you actually let all of the goodness saturate into your skin? Though the Instagrammable part of the masking ritual is when it’s on your face, the benefits are often found after you remove it. After those five to 15 minutes of application, use a quartz roller to ensure all of the ingredients affiliate your pores.

Do Those Quartz Rollers Really Work?Use a small stone for lips and eyes.

Most rollers are designed for the larger portions of your face, including your forehead and your cheeks. But to reach the small sections that still need TLC — like your lips and eyes — consider investing in a pint-sized roller. These allow you to reach every nook-and-and-cranny, ensuring all of your face benefits from your ritual.


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