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Do Skincare Supplements Really Work? We Gave Them a Try.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dermera. All opinions are my own.

Growing up I never really had problems with my skin. Aside from a few pimples here and there, my skin was perfectly clear even though I treated it like dirt. And I continued to take my clear skin for granted until my mid-twenties, when the universe blessed me with hormonal acne and a rip-roaring case of rosacea (as payback, no doubt).

For many of us, our skin changes as we get older. Thanks to a lack of sleep, hormonal changes and accumulated cell damage, what worked for us in our teens doesn’t always work in our 20s, 30s and beyond. And it’s true that a healthy diet and good skincare can take us pretty far, but few of us can live on green juice and weekly facials alone.

Do Skincare Supplements Really Work? We Gave Them a Try.

That’s why I love using supplements to fill in the gaps and help keep my skin glowing and healthy. When given the opportunity to try Dermera Healthy Skin Vitamins I jumped at the chance. Dermera was formulated using vitamins specifically chosen for the special roles they play in the body.

With ingredients like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, CoQ10 and Calcium, Dermera nourishes each layer of the skin and helps healthy skin to shine through. And it’s not just your skin that benefits, these vitamins also play a role in boosting the metabolism, balancing the immune system and healing your body from the inside out.

Do Skincare Supplements Really Work? We Gave Them a Try.

But what really makes Dermera different is its DERMALSANA™ COMPLEX—a unique blend of bioactive nutrients that boost collagen, smooth fine lines and improve skin tone and texture.

Horsetail Stem Extract

Rich in silica, horsetail stem extract helps boost collagen production and adds strength and elasticity to skin.


A carotenoid and potent antioxidant that helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles and smoothes skin texture.

Pea Protein

Pea protein provides over 18 essential amino acids (the building blocks of the skin) and helps improve the overall look and feel of skin.

Rice Phytoceramide

A plant-sourced phytoceramide that makes skin look fuller and smoother.

Do Skincare Supplements Really Work? We Gave Them a Try.

After taking these for a few weeks, I have noticed that my skin already looks clearer and less splotchy. I typically start to see pimples a week or two before my period, but these helped lessen the severity of my monthly breakout. And my mom told me that I look less tired (thanks, mom!). The bags under my eyes are definitely less noticeable and I need less concealer to hide my dark circles. And that’s just within the first couple weeks. Because vitamins take time to become effective, I completely expect to see more noticeable improvements as time goes on.

And an added bonus? These same vitamins are also great for hair and nails, so don’t be surprised if you see improvement in that arena too. My nails already feel stronger and I’m hoping my hair quickly follows suit.

To get the most benefit, take two of these a day in addition to eating a clean diet. Drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins and keep skin hydrated. And don’t forget your beauty sleep! No matter how well I treat my skin, if I’m skimping on sleep and otherwise super stressed, my skin just won’t look good.


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