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DIY Whipped Coconut + Shea Baby Butter

I tried cloth diapers. I really, really did. The entire family gave me the side eye and refused to participate in mommy’s crazy ‘experiment.’ Of course, my timing was perfect – exactly when Henry started eating solid food, therefore assuring that his poop would be as gross as possible. But I stubbornly soldiered on. It would get easier, right?

Nope. Fast forward a few weeks and ‘easier’ was as elusive as ever. During a particularly low moment (that followed a rather large blowout) I threw in the poop stick. Life is too short to spend hunched over the toilet. I went back to the beloved Huggies that have reliably covered 3 kids, and, while I added it to the list of things to feel guilty about, I was also really, really relieved.

If no one is going to pry the Huggies from your overstuffed diaper bag either, then here’s one small change you can make. Recently I switched out my diaper cream for a whipped shea butter balm. It’s one of those easy things that make you think, what took so long? No more needing to wash hands to get rid of white cream residue. Oh, and if you’re battling stubborn diaper rash, your little ones (and their buns) will thank you.

Whipped Shea Baby Balm


  1. Combine the oils and butters together in a medium glass bowl.
  2. Melt oils and butters together using a double broiler. You can also do short bursts in the microwave, stirring in between.
  3. When the oils have melted, stir together and add essential oils
  4. Let the mixture cool until solidified. Place in the fridge to speed this up.
  5. Then beat with a mixer until the butter turns creamy and frothy. This could take 5-10 minutes.
  6. Place in clean, lidded container.

I’ve been experimenting with herb-infused oils, and for this recipe I used olive oil infused with calendula, an herb known for its healing properties. I’ll share more on my infusion experiments soon!

I’m not sure if diapering is ever easy (and I’ve had 6 years of practice) but a diaper cream that nicely doubles as a hand moisturizer definitely helps!

Photos by Ana Stanciu

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