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Age Is JUST A Number (We Get Better With Time!!)

It’s strange how as soon as some people hit their mid-twenties, their age becomes something of an embarrassment! People assume that since the ‘student’ years are over, life is bound to become a drag! If you agree with this train of thought – we are here to prove you wrong.

Hitting your thirties or fourties or even fifties can be an amazing thing, after all, age is just a number!

1. Your Personal Style Is ON POINT!

Remember when you were nineteen and got that horrible haircut? That’s unlikely to happen again because as you hit your thirties, you tend to sport looks that are true to what you like and are comfortable in. You exude confidence and your style is truly rocking!

2. You’re Fitter Than Ever Before

As an eighteen-year-old, you probably ate multiple bars of chocolate without feeling any guilt. Now that you’re older, you know that your metabolism has slowed down. You’re more careful with what you eat. Chances are also high that you’ve found a workout that you love. Hello fab body!

3. Science Is On Your Side

Be it dark spots, dullness or skin ageing, there are enough and many solutions to the so-called ‘perils’ of growing older. Terrified of wrinkles? Keep an Olay Regenerist Revitalising Serum in your bag. It’s that simple!

4. You’ve Carved A Career

Congratulations, you’re no longer a fresher or a struggler. You’ve got some work-ex and this shows in your salary. You know your job, you can take charge of projects and deal with difficult bosses/clients/colleagues with ease!

5. You Make Special Time For Your Skin!

Unlike your teen years when you barely ever bothered to put on sunscreen, you tend to take better care of your skin when you’re in your thirties. You understand your skin better and you’ve figured out exactly what kind of cleansers, exfoliators and moisturisers you need!

6. You Party Better

You might feel nostalgic about the instant-noodle and chaat parties of your college days, but now that you’re not as broke, you can afford to visit nice restaurants, dance at the best clubs, and gorge on food that makes more than two-minutes to cook!

7. You Can ‘Seize The Day’

Remember that trip to Thailand you couldn’t afford when you were twenty-two? You didn’t have money and your work seniors wouldn’t give you enough chutti days. How awesome is it that in your thirties, you can afford an annual vacations in terms of both money and leave!

8. More Meaningful Relationships

Now that you’ve lived a little, had your heart broken a few times, and figured out what you want from a boyfriend/husband, chances are that you’re less likely to give any time to the players, cheaters, and commitment-phobes.

9. You’re KINDA Sorted

You may not have all the answers yet, but you do have a better idea of what you want out of life. Your relationships with friends and family are simplified and you have an idea of where your life is headed. Sort of.

10. You Can Look As Young As You Want

Hitting your thirties doesn’t necessarily have to mean wrinkles. Recent research shows that there is a certain genetic fingerprint that is responsible for helping us look forever-young. While all women have this fingerprint, it is stronger for some than it is for others. Good news is that ‘encouraging’ your genes is quite easy, thanks to special ingredients in the wonderful line of products from Olay’s Regenerist range!

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