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A Bumpie Fetish Most Moms-to-Be Have No Idea About

Maybe you’re wondering why if you’re pregnant, why men look at you with a twinkle in their eyes. Well, it’s called preggophilia.

When someone’s pregnant, people’s go-to move is to touch the baby bump. They wanna feel the baby move. They also want to know how pregnant people have sex, but never mind. On the other side, you have people which take this to a different level of attraction and interest. This is when it’s called preggophilia.

If you post your baby bump on social media, you’re probably getting a stream of likes, but there are different reasons why people take interest in your photo. When it comes to pregnancy, people’s boundaries seem to lower as their curiosity and excitement overcome them.

What does preggophilia mean?

Listen, there’s an endless amount of fetishes that people enjoy. For some it’s feet, for others, it’s peeing on people—the list literally never ends. Now that you’ve seen the word preggophilia, it’s time to really find out what it means.

#1 What is preggophilia? This fetish, preggophilia, is the sexual attraction to pregnant women. Now, this isn’t just about the baby bump. People become turned on by lactation or specific stages of pregnancy.

It’s really quite individual when it comes to what turns someone on. However, in the role-playing community, there are many people who are into male pregnancies, gang bang impregnation, and alien egg impregnation. Of course, this is just role-playing. [Read: 15 effortlessly sexy role playing ideas for the shy]

#2 It isn’t just for men. You probably think preggophilia is strictly reserved for the male community, but you’re wrong. Women, as well, can also be into preggophilia.

Remember that sexual attraction and stimulation are really personal and different for everyone. So yes, it’s not only for men. Sure, the female preggophilia community isn’t as large, but it still exists.

#3 Pregnancy is a hormonal whirlwind. This is also another reason why preggophilia is what it is. When a woman is pregnant, her body constantly changes and that goes the same for her hormones. It also makes her sexual, pregnant women can become extremely horny without being able to control it. This is what turns people on, the fact that this woman is uncontrollably horny.

#4 Pregnancy symbolizes she’s taken. When a woman is pregnant, whether she’s single or taken, it does visually show she’s taken. If she has another man’s child, it represents her commitment to the relationship which makes her desirable. Why? Because you can’t have her. This concept of pregnant women being desired by people is what turns some people on. It’s the idea you want what you can’t have.

#5 There’s an argument on it being sexist. Now, we all understand that childbirth is a natural process for women. By her becoming pregnant, she devoted herself to create a child and therefore she cannot be viewed as sexual during that time period.

Whether I agree with this or not is beside the point. Since women are the only ones able to carry children, the sexualization of them during pregnancy is argued to be sexist.

#6 Do not confuse preggophilia with pedophila. Many people feel that men who practice preggophilia, the attraction to pregnant women, are actually attracted to the child in the womb. This is completely false. There are various components to pregnancy that can turn a man on: lactation, the female body changing. It isn’t based on the baby growing inside her.

#7 Preggophilia is not wrong. The only time preggophilia is wrong *or really any sexual activity* is when it’s not consensual. If the pregnant woman engages in it on her own will, then there’s nothing wrong with it. Now, if someone is hacking into pregnant women’s computers and stealing their photos, yes, that’s wrong.

#8 If you don’t want to be subjected to it, control it. If you post pictures of your pregnancy on Instagram and Facebook, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, make sure that your profiles are properly secured. If you don’t care who sees your photos, then leave your profiles public. However, if you’re not wanting your photos to be used for preggophilia, then make your profiles private.

#9 Preggophilia is respectful. It isn’t based on the idea that pregnant women are bad or dirty, it’s quite the opposite. Those that practice preggophilia have a very high respect for pregnant women.

They’re fascinated by the concept of pregnancy, the strength of a woman, and the beauty of the human body changing. If, as a pregnant woman, you’re not comfortable with preggophilia, it’s perfectly fine. Just understand preggophilia isn’t negative.

#10 People have fetishes for various reasons. You may be wondering why someone would have this fetish. Well, fetishes occur for many reasons. It could be that they had an experience which really opened their mind to preggophilia or could be a traumatic event, in which it was used as a coping mechanism.

Now that you know about preggophilia, if you are into it or know someone who’s into it, you’re up-to-date on everything you need to know. Pregnancy is a beautiful part of life, the only difference is that pregnancy, for some people, turns them on.

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