A Beginner’s Guide to Face Mapping

Have you ever wondered why you get a breakout in one particular area on your face month after month?

Face mapping, which originates from ancient Chinese medicine, correlates locations on the face with different bodily organs. This technique has been used for centuries to identify imbalances and internal stresses.

Let’s take this face mapping technique and put it to work! We will assume that your skincare routine is up to par with proper attention to all steps in a daily regimen.

A Beginner's Guide to Face Mapping

Chin. A monthly breakout that usually accompanies a menstrual cycle is typically found on the chin. The chin indicates hormonal imbalance and stress, both of which are indicative of an impending menstrual cycle. Adequate sleep and exercise can both relieve hormonal stress.

Nose. Referred to as the “window to the heart,” a breakout on the nose is indicative of a cardiovascular issue. This could include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, lack of good fats, or excessive alcohol. To combat these issues, exercise regularly, increase consumption of essential fatty acids, avoid saturated fats, and be moderate in alcohol and food choices.

Cheeks. Discoloration or acne on the cheeks can be a symptom of poor metabolism or absorption of vitamins and minerals. To remedy this, evaluate your supplements (here are 5 essentials) and pay close attention to your iron and folic acid amounts.

Forehead. For centuries the idea has been that the forehead is connected to the digestive system, colon, and bladder. Is your water intake adequate? Are you reaching for greasy or sugary foods? Cut back on alcohol, increase amount of sleep, drink more water and choose healthy well-balanced meals.

Does face mapping intrigue you? There’s a whole slew of information from tongue mapping to what the eyes can indicate about the body and emotions to dig into if you want to learn more!

A Beginner's Guide to Face Mapping


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