9 Must-Try DIY Sheet Mask Tutorials

As a regular reader, you know we love to try all sorts of face masks. Clay, to get all those impurities out. Yogurt, to amp up probiotics. Avocado, honey, egg whites–you name it! But to be honest, all these homemade masks can be a little messy. Making them is fun, having them on your face is relaxing, but cleaning the sink afterwards? Not so much. That’s why sheet masks are a godsend.

And it’s even socially acceptable now to take a selfie in a sheet mask, so that’s a win-win! Super hydrating because of the high water content and the sheet acting as a barrier against evaporation, this type of face mask offers visible results on the spot. Perfect if you’re impatient like us! 

9 DIY Sheet Face Mask Recipes

These are some of our favorite DIY sheet mask recipes and tutorials:

1. Seaweed Sheet Mask from Hello Glow

Seaweed’s anti-inflammatory and natural exfoliant properties make it a perfect sheet mask for those suffering from acne or rosacea. Plus it’s packed with vitamins, meaning you won’t need to add anything other than filtered water to the mask.

Honey Bee Sheet Face Mask from Humblebee and Me

2. Honey Bee Sheet Face Mask from Humblebee and Me

Loaded with enzymes and anti-bacterial properties, honey is the perfect base for a hydrating face mask. Paired with pollen and propolis, this mask will make you feel like the queen bee.

3. Rice Paper Sheet Mask from Rosyscription

Instead of store-bought disposable masks, how about using rice paper instead? It’s eco-friendly, easy to apply and it leaves your skin supple and moisturized.

4. Korean-Inspired DIY Sheet Mask from Thrive Market

Tighten and brighten your skin with just three ingredients: rosewater, glycerin, and your favorite serum. This way, you’ll use a mask that’s most suitable for your skin’s particular needs. 

5. Acne Prone DIY Sheet Mask from Hello Glow

Tea tree’s antibacterial properties are a great addition to any sheet mask, especially for those of us battling acne! Keep on your face for 10-15 minutes and try to relax completely. A soak in the tub couldn’t hurt! 

6. DIY Reusable Facial Mask from eHow

Instead of buying disposable sheet masks, make your own reusable one! The planet will thank you. There’s a free pattern you can download, as well as a recipe for a mask that targets blemishes and fine lines.

7. DIY Hydrating Sheet Mask from A Beautiful Mess

Hydrate your skin with a combination of rosewater, witch hazel, and rosehip oil, without spending a ton of money on a Korean sheet mask.

DIY Sheet Mask for Sensitive Skin from Soap Deli News

8. DIY Sheet Mask for Sensitive Skin from Soap Deli News

Ever noticed how expensive sheet masks can get, especially Korean ones? Even if you only apply a mask weekly, you’re still spending plenty. This DIY version from Soap Deli News is not just perfectly customized for sensitive skin, it’s also frugal at under 10 cents a piece! 

Flower Petal Sheet Mask from Clementine Daily

9. Flower Petal Sheet Mask from Clementine Daily

Evening primrose and lavandin essential oils smell beautifully, while also acting as a cicatrisant and helping the skin produce its natural oil barrier. Vitamin E is also added to this sheet mask, for its antioxidant properties. With fresh flower petals, this mask is spa and – dare we say – Instagram worthy. 


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